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This is the same as specifying both "--preserve-permissions" and "--same-order". The default quoting style is escape, unless overridden while configuring the package. The argument can be suffixed with a size suffix, e.

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Currently this option disables shell invocation. It is used in conjunction with --compare, --list or --extract.

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The --same-order option tells tar that the list of file names to be listed or extracted is sorted in the same order as the files in the archive.

This allows a large list of names to be used, even on a small machine that would not otherwise be able to hold all the names in memory at the same time.

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Such a sorted list can easily be created by running tar -t on the archive and editing its output. This option is probably never needed on modern computer systems.

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If the file is found to be sparse it is treated specially, thus allowing to decrease the amount of space used by its image in the archive. This option is meaningful only when creating or updating exmo mi exchange. It has no effect on extraction. This is the default behavior for ordinary users, so this option has an effect only for the superuser.

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This is the default behavior for ordinary users. This can be useful in certain shell scripts. In particular, when used in conjunction with one of the archive creation operations it instructs tar to list the member names stored in the archive, as opposed to the actual file names.

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Implies '--sparse'. For example, if archive "archive.

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If signum is specified, these totals are displayed when tar receives signal number signum. For example, tar cf archive.

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When extracting or listing archives, tar will only operate on archives that have a label matching the pattern specified in name. If keyword starts with the prefix "no-", such messages are suppressed.

It makes consistent backups even if the database is being used concurrently.

Otherwise, they are enabled. Multiple "--warning" specifications may be used.

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There are keywords for various warning messages available in tar. The two global keywords are: all Enable all warning messages. This is the archive of option quotes.