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Menu Binary options - Types of binary options with a practical examples Binary trading offers a very wide range of types of binary options to trade. But do you know what the difference is between the choices on offer? Binary options - Types of binary options with a practical examples Different types of binary options offer different returns and different levels of risk. The loss, however, is always predetermined: it is the full deposit of your investment.

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Some brokers offer various types of binary options that can be traded. We can find a wide range of types of binary options, but some of them e. So if you are interested in one of these types you may need to search a bit to find a specific broker that does offer these types of binary options to trade.

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There are a very wide range of expiry times available and trades can be executed for anything from 30 to 60 seconds to as long as one month. A vanilla option is a different investment tool and has very little in common with binary options.

At 1pm you place a Call trade with the currency market valued at 0. In order for Put trade to be successful and Call trade unsuccessful the price at expiry time would have to binary options on flat lower than a strike price i.

Touch options Different brokers may offer different types of touch options. These prices level are always created by a broker. An example of how Touch options work Touch options have only a few varieties that can be offered by your broker.

Flat Line Trading

In this article we cover here only the basic types from which other versions are derived. When you select the asset to trade the broker automatically shows the following numbers: 1 The upper price boundary of 0.

Binary options pay out depending on the outcome of a simple "yes or no" proposition, making them clear-cut yet flexible trading tools. Key Takeaways Binaries can be used to make directional bets, but also can be used to profit from sideways markets or to trade volatility. Because they are all-or-nothing binary options bear little resemblance to traditional options, featuring different payouts, fees, and risks, as well as a unique liquidity structure and investment process.

And even though it doesn't matter that the price is lower 0. In Boundary options traders speculate whether the price of the underlying asset will stay IN a predetermined range during the entire life of the trade or OUT of this range.

Some Binary Options Strategies

It also presents a suitable opportunity for trading in flat markets when prices stay relatively stale and we can't expect any big swings. Spread option Spread options are based on Touch options.

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Traders are trying to predict whether the price of an underlying asset will be above or below the price boundary level offered by the broker.

Pair options Pair options are a relatively new type of binary options. They are binary options on flat increasingly common and seen as a welcome and innovative way to trade binary options. Essentially, one can say that it doesn't matter whether the markets are falling down or rising up because Pair options are based on comparing the relative performance of two different assets from one sector.

Trading binary options in flat and volatile markets - Mc Binary

The trader will get a reward if they correctly predict which asset within a given asset-pair will achieve a better performance at the end of the expiry period. For example, a trader can trade commodities such as oil vs. Facebook pair; as well as many other different kind of pairs. Ladder options Ladder options are quite different from any other type of binary options.

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This is one of the innovative binary options on flat of options when traders are pushed to think more carefully about their trades. As with previous types of binary options, every broker who binary options on flat these options handles them a bit differently.

Ladder options are designed to look like the shape of real ladder with rungs. The rungs represent predetermined price levels at equal distances from each other that a trader gets for each trade.

Generally, there are five or six price limits the exact number could vary depend on the broker and the strike price could be placed on the top side, on the bottom side or in the middle of the ladder option.

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To make a successful trade, the price of traded asset needs to break each price level of the ladder that you choose. Yes, to confirm that in words: one thousand per cent! Ladder options allow you to have partial options is and losses. For example, if you achieve only two-thirds of your Ladder trade that means to reach two price levels out of threeyou can still receive a partial profit. Additionally, the price should be lower at expiration then reached on the rungs.

The key factor is if these rungs were broken before the option expired. This type of binary option is for advanced traders and it will probably take a longer time to learn how to be successful and fully profitable while trading these.

Some Binary Options Strategies

Generally, this feature is classified as unsuitable for beginners but don't ask me why. The fact is that this a nice way for beginners to start trading binary options and it partly reduces the risk of loss thanks to its so-called Insurance Rate or Risk Level.

The key point to the option builder, which makes this type a bit different to others, is the afore-mentioned option insurance rate.

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If you place a trade without the use of the insurance rate, you will lose full deposit if you go wrong. Simply put, what you remove from the potential profit will be moved to the insurance rate. Keep in mind that the higher the profit is the lower the insurance rate is and vice-versa. Short term options Most often classified as Short term options, these are options which can be executed in a very short time, for example: 30 seconds, 60 seconds, two minutes or five minutes expiry times.

Long term options On the other side of the fence you can trade options with expiry times over one day, such as: one day, one week or even one month options.

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In these much fairer time frames it is a bit easier to predict the movement or direction of a market, but it not so attractive for new traders with no trading background. Why is this? The contrast of fortunes in 60 second trading is significant.

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The 60 second time-frame for each trade is a key factor as to why binary options are too risky. If you have not had any experience with trading, it will be bit harder for you to imagine how a one minute invest option looks in real-time.

Each candlestick in the chart represents one minute of the price development for a better understanding of how to read the chart, see the basic infographic on candlesticks below. As you can see, the one minute's chart is consistently moving up and down even in the moments where it is demonstrating a general upward trend.

For long term investing the upward trend of market could be a positive signal to trade, however trading within such a short time period such us binary options on flat or 30 seconds makes it very difficult to predict the movement of the price. In fact, trading based on a 60 seconds time-frame is more similar to betting on roulette and betting on red or black than trading. One might expect that in proportion to the risk the rewards will grow.

In spite of this, the 60 seconds binary option is the most popular version of all binary options on the market. The bottom line Before you decide to trade any type of binary options you should be aware of the general risks which accompany binary options.

Binary options - Types of binary options with a practical examples

You can start with the next article that follows and that covers advantages and disadvantages of binary option. In any case, to start using binary options your first step should be to open a demo account to get started and familiarise yourself with each type and variation that exist and find the right one for you. If you like this article, share it!