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I think it isn't a requirement to export with smoothing group anymore.

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My own cube test shows no difference whatsoever intentionally trying to bake smooth bevels down to hard edges OR soft edges. Hi, I'm very sorry for the delayed response on our forums. I posted there as well.


This data is used to shade the mesh in the Painter viewport similar to maya based on vertex normal smoothing. Smoothing Groups are used in FBX file format and it's useful to have it enabled for other software that supports options tangents such as 3ds Max.

However, this option is not directly used by Painter if you export from Maya.

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It doesn't cause a problem to have it enabled if you are using the same fbx in Painter and then again in other applications. I am also getting the issue where Maya options tangents triangulation and Smoothing Groups is not supported.

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I'm not sure what's going on there as it works in Also, with Painter we currently support FBX version up to In your example above, you have a hard edge low poly cube and bake a high res mesh of the cube that is smoothed. You can get a similar result as if you baked the low poly cube as fully smoothed.

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This is because in the Substance Painter baker we have an option to use Average Normals for the baking. This produces a similar result if you had Averaged Normals disabled and then baked the low res mesh with smoothing.

However, with hard edges if you don't have a UV split that corresponds to the smoothing split, then you will get seams as you can see in the hard edge cube example. Please let me now if that doesn't make sense and I'm very sorry for the confusion in the video.

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