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How to earn kinahs the fastest

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Features multiple classes division and various of mobs and maps, the game story happened in the world of Atreia. AION Kinah Gold is the in-game currency, which will help you get throung the leveling up stage of throughout the whole game. To be able to get anywhere in Aion, you need Kinah.

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How to earn kinahs the fastest is used for teleporting, crafting, wing upgrades, flight paths and so much more. So where can you get Kinah?

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One of the obvious solution is the auction house. Make no mistake, reaping the most from there is not a piece of cake. Read up on insider strategies and expert recommendations featured in this Aion Kinah guide to make more than enough everytime you venture into the auction house.

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One of the most popular ones is doing repeatable quests for kinah. You can keep doing those quest over and over again to gain some quick kinah.

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There are also many mobs in the game which drop more kinah than others and are worth farming. You can also craft and farm items which are often sold for significant amounts on the auction house.

Of the Crafting professions, to make money from Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, Handicrafting, and Tailoring, you need to do a little research first.

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You don? Then go and just make a high lvl gear.

  1. December 15, Right now, your best kinah producer for farming is ancient kibrium.
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  4. In this article, you will see money-making techniques that work in the game, but we will not start there.
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You need to find a specific gear sought by many, with little competition on them. Since the production level isit is a low production lvl item that most crafters bypass without looking. But its stats are good, so many players look for it. Finding out such items is the way to go.

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The last way is by purchasing, to buy cheap AION Kinah is a great idea to make the game easy and casual. In order to avoid the mistake orders, please check twice before submit your order sheet.

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