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Step 1. Access your wallet.

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Step 2. Search our default token list for the token you are looking for. Step 3.

How to Add a Custom Token on MEW web | MyEtherWallet Knowledge Base

All of token symbol information can be found via an Ethereum blockchain explorer, like Etherscan. We will show how to find this via Etherscan. Head to Etherscan. If you have a balance of the token you are trying to add, search for your public address 0x… in the search bar. If you do not have a balance and would like to add the token before receiving it, search for the token in the search bar.

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Make sure you find the correct token, or you will be adding another token to your list. There is no harm in sending your ERC20 token to your address before adding it as a custom token. In fact, this may make it easier to find via etherscan.

Find your token in the token balances dropdown.

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Select the token to be taken to a token information screen. Step 4. Step 5. Copy this address to your clipboard, and head back to MEW.

token symbol

Step 6. If you still get this error after submitting it with the modified symbol, then your token is likely already a default token.

token symbol

Try searching the token list again for the symbol. If you see it with a balance of 0, but etherscan. My custom tokens are disappearing!

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If your custom tokens are disappearing every time you access our interface, make sure that you do not have a cache-clearing software installed i. Your custom token information is stored locally in your token symbol, so this software will clear this information and require you to re-submit the token every time you access your wallet. We are always happy to support new tokens in our default list.

token symbol

To achieve this, simply submit a pull request to our repo on GitHub. For more information on this process, visit our article on how to add a default token. Share to.