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Currently games integrate all forms of media—including storytelling, architecture, cinema, voice, music, acting, animation, and artwork—into immersive, interactive experiences.

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This course provides an historical and cultural overview of play and gaming, including current issues and trends. It also explores the art of creating enriching experiences for audiences through game design, with particular emphasis on systems and the interplay of emergent levels and their aesthetic implications.

Students will examine major trends, theories and controversies in the field of art history by focusing on its evolution in a global context since the midth century. Taking into account topics such as Cubism, Dada, Pop art, Conceptual art, Environmental art, Street art, gender issues, ethnic diversity and various List of options literature debates, students will become familiar with artists and art movements in context.

Beyond this, students will be able to successfully engage in comparative analyses and identify links with other fields of study. A wide range of filmic expression is examined through a variety of film forms, genres and styles. The class will examine contemporary and past works notable for their aesthetic approach and storytelling techniques, as well as their unique treatment of social realities.

4.2 Texts in shared contexts

This course provides an introduction to the skills required to explore, live, and create within it. Without requiring any specific technical skills, this class prepares students to anticipate the benefits and pitfalls of an ever-changing media environment, examining how emerging digital media define and affect the cultures that arise around them, as well as exploring issues of access through social media and emerging citizen- and community-media movements.

This course will sometimes be offered as an online or blended course. Is texting really bringing us to the end of the world as we know it? How do new words get created? How does your linguistic baggage shape who you are?

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Why do people use words from different languages in the same sentence or switch languages at will? Can language be sexist? These are the kind of mysteries that this course will attempt to shed light on, through discussions, readings, audiovisual presentations documentaries, podcasts, blogsindividual and group projects, etc. Painting projects will explore modes of representation and abstraction.

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Students will work with acrylic colours to discover the many ways paint can be handled. Students will learn subtractive colour mixing while investigating genres such as still life, figure, portrait and landscape.

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Scale will be considered in paintings of various sizes on different supports. Students will become aware of different periods and approaches to painting to help focus their own preferences.

Students majoring in English are exposed to a variety of critical perspectives, and have the opportunity to pursue interests in literary history, critical theory, language study, cultural studies, and creative writing. Students from historically underrepresented groups are especially encouraged to apply. To be eligible to declare the English major, you must: have an overall UW grade point average of at least a 2. Students may declare the major during the first two weeks of any quarter. To maintain satisfactory progress in the English major students must take ENGL within one quarter of declaring the English major.

In-class critiques will incorporate an understanding of relevant terminology. Students will acquire an appreciation for the compositions and performances of major jazz artists. Students will also learn general musical concepts and terminology as well as those specific to jazz.

We will then examine representative examples of neo-Victorian fiction alongside Victorian texts, replicating the dual perspective that is in itself central to neo-Victorianism. Through close analysis of these literary works, students will recognize key points of option binarium reviews between the neo-Victorian present and the Victorian past: gender and sexuality, literary heritage and originality, the role of the artist, national identity and empire, and spiritualism.

Students will also be encouraged to address broad questions: Why do the Victorians continue to fascinate us so much? What is the relationship between Victorian and contemporary fiction?

Indexed peer-reviewed articles will give us the best available and most current data and MEDLINE, which includes millions of citations for biomedical articles and can be accessed using PubMed for free, seems like a great starting place. Generally speaking, PubMed will be the best place to begin your search and there are various ways, as you will see below, to refine and limit your search in order to find exactly what you need. The Physiology of Literature Searching—How It Works Now that you have an answerable question and an idea of what type of database you need to search at least to startlet's talk about the nuts and bolts of searching.

How do neo-Victorian authors negotiate a space within the legacy list of options literature Victorianism? But what exactly is art? What would that definition look like? This is the sort of question we begin with in a philosophical study of art or aesthetics.

Course Structure

Is art defined by the emotional reaction it inspires? Does it require an audience? Do the intentions of the artist matter? Does art teach us anything?

Does art convey truths? How do aesthetic values compare to ethical ones — and to what extent list of options literature art connected to ethics, or politics, or gender, or culture?

English, Language and Literature Option

Why, and on what basis do we value it? List of options literature do we compare artworks? And ought we preserve art for future generations? In short, why does art matter? This is the question we will tackle in this course.

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Students will analyze style, theme and characterization in plays and explore the playwrights, their philosophies and reactions to world events. The process of playwriting itself will be scrutinized including an examination of structure, plot, dialogue and scene development. You will develop an awareness of the cultural diversity of people's lives, both past and present as expressed on the Web. You will acquire the skills to critically analyze how the Internet allows artists to express themselves in various formats.

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You will learn the computer skills needed to present your work effectively on the Web, in on-screen presentations and on social media. This course will introduce students to feature writing as a genre of journalism.

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Students will learn the step-by-step process for writing features, including generating ideas, crafting the pitch, researching, interviewing, structuring, and polishing the final draft. Students will analyze published feature articles for structure and style, acquire specific writing skills through in-class exercises, and develop their own feature articles.

Class time will consist of journalistic writing exercises, peer-editing, story meetings, discussion, and other activities. Students will be encouraged to submit their feature articles to the school newspaper, The Plant, and to other publications.

Students will learn to differentiate the characteristics of various techniques as they apply them to their creative process such as modeling, direct casting in clay, carving in plaster, and assembling with wood and found objects.

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Students will visit one exhibition to explore the creative potential of sculptural techniques and processes. Students will learn to comment and evaluate their creative projects, applying the compositional principles, concepts and vocabulary taught in the course. Various documentary and narrative approaches will be explored. Students have access to DSLR cameras, sound recording and lighting equipment, for both in class and home use.

The department's labs have up-to-date computers and software for in-class and evening work sessions.

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With the Internet, people expect the interplay between text, graphics, sound and motion. Students will be encouraged to explore graphics, photo and audio-visual software applications for their commercial applications and creative possibilities. Assignments may be done in groups or individually. Learning activities include workshops, hands-on lab work, discussions, museum and gallery visits.

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Students will gain an understanding of basic ear training, musical vocabulary and theory; they will learn how to apply these concepts to singing.

It is an introduction to pickstyle guitar. Students will explore a variety of musical styles and will learn to play song accompaniments as well as compositions specially arranged for ensemble performance. For all guitar classes: Students must provide their own guitar acoustic with metal strings or classical with nylon strings. Daily practice is highly recommended in order to acquire the competencies necessary to be successful in the course.

The student actor will gain valuable experience in elements of stage craft such as physical presentation, stage business and blocking. Plays from the modern or contemporary repertoire will be selected for scene work. This course will equip the student with basic acting skills as well as an understanding of the rehearsal process from the first reading of the text to the performance.

Course Options

The class will visit a working theatre and each student will also attend at least one theatrical performance with the focus of relating this field assignment to the themes and content of the course. Students explore a variety of materials and techniques, including visual programming languages, to create interactive sound and music projects. Open to students with or without a musical background. The theory and practice of creative techniques and their application in different genres are components of the course.

E-mail: moc. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Literature search is a key step in performing good authentic research. It helps in formulating a research question and planning the study. The available published data are enormous; therefore, choosing the appropriate articles relevant to your study in question is an art.

Students will respond to literary works through careful analysis and experimentation. Engaging with aspects of creative practice considered in the course, students will develop their own critical and creative work. Creative practices students will engage in may include, but are not limited to, theatrical productions, the creation of an anthology, and creative writing, all of which may be incorporated into the ALC Festival.