Multi-Channel Network (MCN) overview for YouTube Creators

Channel earnings in the network. What Is A Multi-Channel-Network?


    All channels that are part of a MCN must also have their channel reviewed and follow YouTube monetization policies.

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    Differentiating between these two types option exercise mechanism channels allows YouTube to apply our policies and channel features with clarity and fairness. You may wish to even consult your own legal counsel. Some MCNs also offer additional revenue opportunities, such as brand sponsorships or dedicated sales teams, that may contribute to higher overall earnings for your channel.

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    If a network offers you these services, you may wish to make sure they are specified in your contract. You can learn about how to keep your channel free from strikes and takedowns in the Policy and Safety Hub and YouTube Copyright Center. If you're an affiliate creator and you believe your contract with your MCN allows you to do so, you can request to remove MCN access from your channel.

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    Clearly explaining in a contract the services and levels of support provided. Acting in an honest and transparent way with respect to services offered and contractual obligations.

    Onboarding and releasing channels in line with their contracts. If an MCN doesn't adhere to these best practices, they may lose account features and monetization. Was this helpful?

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