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    Driver Current Employee - Colorado Springs, CO - December 12, People who work here have been here for decades and are counting the days till they can retire.

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    The life between the corporate office in Highlands ranch and the people who actually make money for the company is night and day different. The people who actually make this place run, but get zero and i mean zero recognition for are the loaders, retail yards, laborers, haul truck drivers, pit laborers and the drivers.

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    They all are hairless apes behind the wheel. The corporate office white collar desk typers, waste money and decorate each other's cubicles for fun and jokes instead of actually working.

    Oh you want a Christmas bonus or any bonus at all or a raise Better find a way to lower your own bills to give yourself a break.

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    They won't ever consider something like that for the people who make a difference. Never consider Pioneer Landscape Centers.

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    They also have a bad habit at hiring new people who have never been in this industry at a higher pay level than an individual who has been here slaving away for them for 20 years plus.

    Pros Ability to make friendship.

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    Cons No pay raises, no advancment, always the little guy, junk equipment, sad excuse of a shop, work all day eveyday. Was this review helpful?

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