How Do I Access a Company's Earnings Report?

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Earnings reports tell you how much the company made during the quarter.

How Do I Access a Company's Earnings Report?

Investors and online databases usually use the shorthand term EPS when referring to earnings per share. These earnings reports can be trading on economic news important to investors in the short term.

These reports are very formal and written in almost legalese language.

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They describe how the companies did, in exhaustive detail, and provide the quarterly financial statements. These stories are analyzed by reporters trained to look for the important things and put their findings in plain English.

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Wire stories are also available on most financial news sites. Press release distribution services: Most companies hire one of two companies — either PR Newswire or Business Wire — to electronically distribute their online earnings officially in press releases. Both these sites let you search press releases that might have been released by different companies. The regulators: You can get earnings reports, called Qs, directly from the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The Qs are the official reports, so they usually take a few days to be released. Prior to that, the company must file an 8-K report stating that it put out a press release with quarterly earnings information. For some companies, you can also read brief comments by Morningstar analysts on what investors should look for in the reports. About the Book Author Matt Krantz is a nationally known financial journalist who specializes in investing topics.

  • By Sean Ross Updated Nov 2, A company's earnings report is a public display of profitability, financial standing, and the official word on recent overall business performance.
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