17 of the best alcohol-free and low alcohol drink options

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4 Crazy-Convincing Mocktails That Taste Just Like Real Booze

For those who love cocktails, the no-alcohol route presents challenges. Some call for shrubs, syrups and other housemade components to coax out complex flavors.

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That may be fine for bars and restaurants that have plenty of time and ingredients, but what about for home bartenders seeking an easy end-of-day drink? Some mimic traditional spirits or pre-mixed cocktails, while others have flavors that are harder to pin down.

CNET editors pick the products and services we write about. When you buy through our links, we may get a commission. Alcohol-free liquor and cocktails: Everything you need to know Zero-alcohol beverages that are so much better than just drinking a Coke. PT Skip the hangover, but not the fun. Getty Images Dry January, Sober October, No-Booze November… sober months -- and complete sobriety, as a matter of fact -- are all the rage as the sober-curious movement grows.

But all provide a faux-spirit base toward zero-alcohol options that are more than just fancy juice boxes. Curious No.

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Of note, many favored secret-weapon bottles still are difficult to obtain in the U. Consider these bottles for a booze-free bar.

Arkay This brand was first launched in Dubai, where many locals and visitors forgo alcohol for cultural reasons. Curious Elixirs A line of pre-mixed cocktailsrather than a single spirits-style option.

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The No. Kin Euphorics Brown suggests mixing the smoky, earthy and spicy Dream Light bottling with hot water to stand in for a classic toddy.

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It even real options booze an ersatz dry vermouth, which makes a virtuous martini a possibility. He suggests that more bartenders should make zero-proofers. Three Spirit A favorite at Getaway bar, which imports the brand from Britain. Published on January 14,

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