Tarp trading your way


    But that won't be from a lack of trying. And that's only the first part of the capital raising.

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    The offering is somewhat of a last resort for the beleaguered broker. But that money failed to materialize when Treasury deemed the company insufficiently illiquid to take on aid.

    Sep 27, Somewhere in lower Manhattan, Preet Bharara oughta be licking his chops.

    There is still a lot of bad debt residing on the balance sheets. Hence the desperate capital raising rounds.

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    Despite the woes, having one of the world's largest hedge funds behind it has certainly helped. And arguably, not accepting TARP funds albeit through not being allowed to may mean that the broker didn't suffer the unintended consequences of doing so, such as disincentivizing key employees by introducing tarp trading your way long-term performance-linked salary structures.

    The Motley Fool's Rick Munarriz likes the latest capital-raising structure : The stock offering will arm the company with greenbacks, while swapping out notes for zero-coupon bonds will help it preserve greenbacks by reducing its interest-expense exposure. All Rights Reserved.

    The targeted assets can be collateralized tarp trading your way obligationswhich were sold in a booming market untilwhen they were hit by widespread foreclosures on the underlying loans. TARP was intended to improve the liquidity of these assets by purchasing them using secondary market mechanisms, thus allowing participating institutions to stabilize their balance sheets and avoid further losses. TARP does not allow banks to recoup losses already incurred on troubled assets, but officials expect that once trading of these assets resumes, their prices will stabilize and ultimately increase in value, resulting in gains to both participating banks and the Treasury itself. The concept of future gains from troubled assets comes from the hypothesis in the financial industry that these assets are oversold, as only a small percentage of all mortgages are in default, while the relative fall in prices represents losses from a much higher default rate. The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of EESA requires financial institutions selling assets to TARP to issue equity warrants a type of security that entitles its holder to purchase shares in the company issuing the security for a specific priceor equity or senior debt securities for non-publicly listed companies to the Treasury.

    Daniel Harrison Daniel M. InHarrison initiated Asian market coverage for TheStreet.

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    He also served for a while as Opening Bell Editor at the financial blog Dealbreaker. Harrison is the publisher, editor and writer of The Global Perspectiveand you can follow him on Twitter at Twitter. All rights reserved.

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