Are instant money transfers really instant?

Quick money transfer

Summary: how to send money instantly… Are instant money transfers really instant? While many companies offer instant money transfer services, it does not mean all their transactions will be quick money transfer.

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It means they have the technology and systems to enable instant transfers, but the actual transfer speed depends on a variety of factors — which we will discuss in the coming sections.

In most cases, the fastest way to send money to someone overseas is with a cash transfer. This allows you to send money that will be available for collection as cash almost as soon as you have made the payment.

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If both banks are on a network such as SEPAinstant bank account transfers may be possible and these will at least be considerably faster than regular international bank transfers. The links below will take you to our comparison form at the top of this page to make sure you are choosing the right provider for your specific transfer needs.

WorldRemit WorldRemit is available in over countries across the world.

It is an online service and you can access it via a browser or their dedicated app. To receive money fast with instant options also availablethe beneficiary can go for cash pickup at an agent location or receive it as mobile money.

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Compare WorldRemit for your transfer 2. Azimo Azimo is one of the most trusted money transfer providers internationally, supporting over countries and 60 currencies for more convenient, efficient transfers.

You can count on Instant Transfer Pay for the unexpected If you need money, you usually need it fast. So if dinner for two becomes dinner for 10, Instant Transfer can get you your money in minutes.

You can pay by debit or credit card or by bank transfer, with the ability to get your money to your recipient within minutes. Compare Azimo for your transfer 3. XE Money Transfer XE is a popular money transfer service, particularly if you are sending larger sums of money abroad. XE operates in over countries and supports currencies, so is a good option if you need to transfer money to a lesser well-known currency. XE is capable of letting you send money instantly, with a maximum delay of 2 hours in most cases when paying by debit card or bank transfer although a few variable factors can affect this.

One of the biggest appeals for using XE is that they have no fees for international transfers, instead only adding a markup on the exchange rate.

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Compare XE for your transfer 4. TransferWise Transferwise is known to offer reliable low-cost money transfers, and the company is well-regarded for being transparent about the costs and revealing the exact fees and transfer times even before you make a transfer. They offer users the ability to make instant transfers on certain currency routes, but not all — so check your route is available for instant transfers before sending funds. The exact transfer time will depend on the payment method you choose, and cash pickup is not available as a collection option.

Compare TransferWise for your transfer 5. The company is positively reviewed for its excellent and user-friendly online presence, with over 2 million people using the service to send their money abroad safely, securely, and on-time.

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PaySend displays the fixed fee, exchange rate, and receivable amount before you lock-in your transfer, so you know exactly what fees you will be paying to get your money to training in creating trading robots destination. Moreover, PaySend is capable of sending your money within minutes, with instant processing and simple transfer methods for a hassle-free transfer.

Compare PaySend for your transfer These are just some of the providers that offer instant money transfer services. It must be noted that an instant transfer may not be possible on all currency routes and actual transfer times could vary depending on the factors we discussed above.

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How to send an instant money transfer Sending an instant money transfer is quick and easy. The exact transfer process may differ from one provider to another, but the basic steps remain the same. Sign up to a provider that supports instant money transfers.

Start the transfer process.

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Give the recipient details. Fund your transfer. Pay for the transfer using any of the methods supported by your provider. Note the transaction number or the PIN.

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If the recipient is making a cash collection, they will need to provide this PIN at the agent location. The recipient will also need to provide a valid ID to collect cash. Your money will arrive with your beneficiary instantly or in up to quick money transfer couple of minutesso they can start using the money as soon as possible.

Send an instant money transfer now Sending money instantly with your bank account For domestic transfers, sending money instantly with your bank account is quick and easy, often available at the click of a few buttons using your online banking app.

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This way of sending money instantly is much more cost-effective and more likely to result in your recipient receiving the money sooner rather than later. What quick money transfer affect the money transfer speed? Even if your provider offers instant money transfer services, not all transactions can be instant.

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If you need money to arrive with your beneficiary instantly, then you can select that option, but every provider will offer a variety of transfer methods with varying speeds. Here are some of the factors that can affect the transfer speed: The countries you are transferring money between If you are sending money between two countries from and to which money transfers occur frequently, quick money transfer transaction will be faster.

For example, if you are transferring money from the US to the UKthe transaction will usually be very quick — and many providers are able to offer instant transfers.

However, less common transfers, such as from countries like Guatemala to the UK will take longer.

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Some providers will specialise more in European international transfers, for example, while others may be able to offer faster transfers between the UK and the US. Comparing your exact money transfer needs will give you a much better idea of the right provider for you. The chosen payment method Similarly to the delivery method, the way you pay for your transfer can also affect the time it takes.

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If you are funding your payment with a bank transfer, for example, this will usually take longer because it will take time for your bank to verify the transaction. If you attend a physical location and pay from your transfer in cash, then the company will be able to verify the transaction and send your fund instantly.

Other instant delivery methods you can choose from include: Mobile airtime top-ups.

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