3 Strategies That Helped Me Raise $500,000 in Less Than Three Weeks

How to make 500, 000 quickly, How To Make $, / Year and Still Be Home For Dinner

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What do you do? I sell online ad space for my company, which includes video, custom content, options trading software sponsorships, and data products. I present the ideas and get them sold in. My performance is tied to dollars and quarterly goals.

Average day is a lot of my own control.

32 Proven Ways to Make Money Fast

Everybody leaves around PM. I get in between AM and AM. On the account management side of things, some days I get 1, emails on stuff, and some days I get 0.

how to make 500, 000 quickly

The majority of the larger projects that I have to do are presentations because I build those slide decks. Entertainment is another big part of my job. Something that seems so simple but I had to figure this thing out, order the lunches, schedule all the times, etc. Are you prospecting new brands, new clients, or is there a separate entity altogether? We have those relationships across the board.

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Timing is totally different because the approval process from the client side varies. That really is dependent on them, but typically once you have your client, you go in to meet 000 quickly them to get a better understanding of what their goals are. What are their objectives?

How much money do they have? Where have they spent it in the past? Where are they seeing successes? What are their pain points? Another step is how to make 500 proactive ideas to them.

So after a meeting like that, I would go back with the team and come up with really smart ideas and put together a proposal for them. It has more details on their brand objectives, timing, and budgets.

Then you usually get anywhere between 24 hours and 2 weeks to put a proposal together which will include a PowerPoint presentation, which I, as the rep, make myself. I love creating decks so the best part for me is thinking how can I make this creative and cute? Then I create a media plan with my media planner who works with the inventory team to check what we have available.

Once we get the verbal approval how to make 500 them, I log it in our salesforce. This is my favorite part of my job is closing something in there, and an alert goes out to upper management notifying them. Then the congratulatory emails come through and we create the paperwork for them.

Internally, we have a legal team who builds out the contracts, which are sent back over to the client. Once they sign and we sign, they send us over the creative tags. My sales planner works with our ad ops team to get it set up. Then, on a how to make 500 basis, we send them reporting. We do a lot of research on top of these buys.

how to make 500, 000 quickly

How big are these contracts and how long are they for? How are you evaluated?

how to make 500, 000 quickly

Number of sales. Not every sales corporation is like that, even some of the bigger ones. What tools and skills do you use day in, day out? You need to be especially proficient in PowerPoint.

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If you are not a strong PowerPoint person, this role is not going to be for you. We had a woman at our company who was in her, probably, early 50s, and they fired her because she could not do PowerPoint.

Your job, and I think a skill, too, is always being on. The majority of what I do other than making these decks is emails, so as long as I have my phone with me I can work anywhere. Late at night, you have to check your phone once. I bring my computer home every night just in case.

Example: I just met with a team who owned one of our motherhood apps and I want them to renew it. Your creative is performing amazingly.

This is why you should be renewing with us. Pretty sick prize. So all of them sent me their baby pictures, and for the first 15 minutes we were eating lunch, and how to make 500 were doing the baby game, and it got them laughing hysterically.

How To Make $500,000 / Year in Digital Ad Sales

They were all relaxed, they were so into it, and then I got to go in and pitch a million dollar idea. It was just things like that, I always like to add on to everything that I do because these agencies see 20 people a week. Not just for one app, but for the meeting, for the time. This is my favorite quote in the world, because I truly believe it in sales. Who do I want to be working with? Who brings me creative ideas? I got one email this morning, am, from my VP that we needed to update something in the system before first thing Monday morning, so I sat in bed and I did it.

It took 5 minutes. How long have you been in this position? I joined the company in a different sales role about 7 months prior. Good segue.

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Describe your path to get here. I always knew I kind of wanted to be in this field. I started getting internships when I was a sophomore in college, my first at a creative agency.

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My mom knew the president of the agency, but I went in and I worked hard, and they asked me back the next summer. Then going into my senior year of college Barcode strategy in binary options was able how to make 500 get an internship at a bigger agency.

The interview for it was really stressful. The first thing they do when you get there is they give you a math test on percentages and percent differences. It probably took me 40 minutes to do 4 questions since I double checked it 6 times. I got the internship. It was mani-pedis at lunch, the team would sneak me into bars to go out with them afterwards, and they worked hard, and it was stressful, but I got to leave every day at pm.

3 Strategies That Helped Me Raise $500,000 in Less Than Three Weeks

I really liked it. They gave me real responsibilities and I proved myself, and they told me I have a job when I graduate. Well, that was the worst economy ever that hit in January and when I called my old boss and he said they were on a hiring freeze. I got the job but it was a really small agency and it was miserable. In June, my old boss called me and told me he has two openings and I could pick which one I wanted. Very cool. I started there in July, so I was only at the other job for about 6 weeks.

It was so awkward. But you knew. Best decision I ever made. I will say it was the hardest year of my life, being an assistant print buyer. I was negotiating all of that type of stuff for all the how to make 500 brands, so that was Neutrogena, Aveeno, Rock, Lubriderm, Clean and Clear. Big brands. And then I was in charge of print positioning. So think about how detail-oriented you have to be.

So you have to be meticulous about who gets what contract and sending them to the right people.

how to make 500, 000 quickly

Then there was the positioning. It was the worst 6 months of my life. I cried a lot. I worked for tough people. They would scream at me when things got screwed up. Thank you so much for sending this over!!

how to make 500, 000 quickly

You want something? You got to ask for it. They told me HR would be brought into the room if one more mistake came out. I wanted to quit but I just kept going at it. I stayed there one night super late, double checking every how to make 500 that I had approved for the last 2 months.

I wanted to be able to sleep that night and 000 quickly worry, and I started kicking ass. About 10 months in a position opened up on the strategy side with the planners. You should spend this much in TV, this much in print, this much in digital, etc.

So there was an opening on the Aveeno team in a strategic role, not an assistant role, and you had to be an assistant on the strategic side to get promoted as a planner. It was unheard of to switch from thing to thing. But I knew how to make 500 was dying. Everybody told you print was dying, move to digital, so I thought this was my opportunity. I worked across TV, print and digital, and I pleaded with boss to recommend me for the job.

I got the job and then work got even harder. I had to learn that software program and I needed to build media plans.