What is a Bill of Lading..??

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    A bill of lading is one of the most common — and important — documents in the shipping and logistics industry.

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    But to do so would open you up to a world of shipping troubles. BoLs are vital to the successful transportation of goods.

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    Primarily, the document serves as a legally-binding agreement which helps the carrier process the cargo according to the original contract terms set up by the carrier and shipper or freight owner.

    This means the BoL can be used in litigation concerns, and inaccurate BoLs can expose carriers to anything from claims to criminal prosecution. Additionally, since most BoLs are considered a title of goods, these documents much like the cargo they list can be used in opteck binary options newbie reviews. Because of this, some types of BoLs can be endorsed and transferred to third parties while the cargo is in transit, ultimately giving control of the cargo to different parties along the route.

    Name of the consignee Any special instructions for shipping This information is just some of the items which may be required on a BoL.

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    Straight BoLs are non-negotiable. A buyer usually needs the original or a copy of the BoL to take possession of cargo at destination.

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    4. The Beginner's Guide to Bill of Lading Documents
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    Air waybill: These BoLs are exclusively issued for goods transported by air, and are non-negotiable. Once the buyer presents the full set of original documents and pays the manufacturer, the goods can be released to the consignee.

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    Inland: When cargo is only transported on land such as over rail or roadsan inland BoL is issued. Through BoLs require both an ocean and bills of lading and options BoL to be effective. Despite the existence of through BoLs, multimodals are still more commonly used across the shipping industry.

    A Bill of Lading is essentially a contract of carriage between the Shipper, Consignee, and Carrier stating the terms and conditions of carriage. A bill of lading can represent a receipt of goods. Shipments cannot be executed without a Bill of Lading. They are legally binding documents, and they often serve as proof of ownership over the goods being carried. A bill of lading also covers its role as title to goods.

    Switch: This type of BoL is commonly used during foreign-to-foreign shipmentswhere the shipper requires their suppliers information to be kept private. Essentially, this means the holder of the BoL can claim possession of the goods, and as such this document is considered negotiable.

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    Claused: Claused BoLs are the opposite of a clean BoL, because they indicate a shortfall or damage to the delivered cargo. Banks which fund shipments require these BoLs over all other types. On deck: An on deck BoL is used as proof of shipment and can be required for an exporter or manufacturer of the cargo to get paid.

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    Have you ever dealt with a bill of lading in the past? If so, share with us in the comments below your 1 tip for how you handle the BoL process on your end! Amanda Callahan Amanda loves working here and has been with us since Amanda enjoys writing, decorating, cooking, and she is passionate about spending time outdoors with her family.