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Pay Rate for an Accounting Firm Intern While an internship can provide numerous career benefits, including crucial job experience and industry connections, pay is not always part of the package. In highly competitive fields such as publishing, film and nonprofit, unpaid internships are not only common, but they also are critical for breaking into the industry.

Moreover, many unpaid internships how to make money in the internship located in cities where the cost of living is high, which adds to the financial strain for would-be interns. With some careful planning and creative budgeting, though, it is possible to survive while completing an unpaid internship. Create a Budget Before applying for the internship, write up a budget that includes exactly how much money you will need to live on for the duration of the internship, says University Language Services.

Rent Your Stuff

Take into account rent, food and transportation, as well as extras such as internet access and personal expenses. Be sure to limit the budget to the essentials.

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If you don't absolutely need an item to survive, do without it. Save Money You can save money before your internship starts by cutting out unnecessary expenses, says Save the Student. Take the money you would normally spend on a morning coffee, cable television or a night out with friends, and set it aside for living expenses during your internship.


You might be surprised to see how cutting back on small things can add up over several months and yield some extra cash. You may also want to search for grants for unpaid internships and loans for unpaid internships.

Solicit Donations Solicit donations from family members to help cover your expenses. Explain to your parents and relatives how crucial the internship is to your career, and provide them with a breakdown of your monthly expenses. If your family can't cover all of your expenses, even several small donations add up and can help alleviate costs.

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Living at Home Target internships in or near your hometown to offset living costs during your internship. Living at home or with relatives will save you a lot of money on rent and food, which makes working at an unpaid internship more affordable and less stressful. By not worrying about how will cover next month's rent, you can focus on getting the most out of your internship.

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Reducing Daily Expenses During your internship you can reduce daily expenses by bringing lunches and snacks to the office.

Eating out, even at inexpensive restaurants, can put a strain on your wallet. Also consider a monthly bus or subway pass rather than buying individual tickets, which typically cost more. Carpooling is another option if your internship is in a more suburban area.

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Part-Time Work Apply for part-time jobs that can fit into your internship schedule. If you have a part-time internship, finding a part-time job to supplement it should be easy.

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But many internships require a full-time commitment, so jobs such as babysitting, tutoring, dog walking, and house sitting typically offer flexible or weekend hours. Check online job boards for listings or post an ad of your own offering your services.

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Make sure you do not overextend yourself between your job and your internship; the internship must take priority over a part-time job in order to further your career.