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Information Specialist Former Employee - covina, ca - February 13, They would rather hire those with a degree instead of keeping those who know what to do with reports.

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Very poor management in which out of 19 sites seven have closed down due to management. The most recent manager did not even let those in charge at the school district know that she was in charge.

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As to any human rights violations well dont expect much in the ways of having anything done example sexual harrasment on the job, or having a group of folks lie in order to get someone fired! So if you are looking for bad child care than this is the place for you. Also many children have been hurt and yet none of it was reported.

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Also if you speak up to management than expect them to hold a grudge and they will wait for a chance to fire you or terminate your position. I made the program and now its going downhill.

Lloyd Burtch Professor, John A. Logan College I used to be rebellious. I was depressed a lot.

Not a great place to be, fellow employees are treated badly. Why did i stay so long, i loved working with the kids!

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In the end those in charge got even with me for speaking out Was this review helpful?