Sapphire M Review…..Scam Exposed

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    This is all that we are told about the software, and the strategy that it utilizes.

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    As an actual trader, I can tell you that there is no real substance here. Fake Badges A common issue I have with binary options products like Sapphire M is that they use lies and deception to try promote their products.

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    Just look at some of the badges they are providing. Testimonials Like many other binary options products, there are a collection of testimonial videos. Every time I try and click on a video, the tells me that an error has occurred.

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    This is another red flag. When investing, you want everything to be straightforward and working properly.

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    We are shown the asset, the expiry time and whether or not the trade was in or out of the money. We are never shown the entry time, nor are we shown the price. I cannot verify or trust these results at all until we can see the actual prices.

    Conclusion There are just way too many discrepancies with the Sapphire M sales page for me to take this product seriously. Please let me know what you think about this review, and leave your comments about the product as well.

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