Top 5 Best Monitors For Stock Trading (Day Traders)

Which monitors are best for trading

What Size Screen is the Best for Trading?

which monitors are best for trading

January 15, This is a question which I see asked a lot either online or by customers of ours looking to put together a new computer system for trading. The Two Most Important Factors When Picking the Right Size Monitor Choosing the right sized monitor for your trading requirements comes down to two factors, the physical size and then the resolution of the screen.

What to Look for in a Trading Monitor Being successful as a trader requires discipline, a high tolerance for risk, and in-depth knowledge about how financial markets work. For the traders who do work from home, having the right monitor setup can be crucial to success.

Most people can easily comprehend the impact of a specific size of screen is going to have on them physically. The thing which many people are unable to envisage is what a difference one resolution is going to make over another one.

The resolution is just as important, if not more so, as the size of a screen, and both need to be taken into account together when selecting your next screen.

which monitors are best for trading

What is a Screen Resolution When we are talking about screen resolution for monitors we are basically describing the number of pixels that the screen is able to which monitors are best for trading. A pixel is essentially a tiny dot of light, screens use pixels to produce the image you see on your screen, so a screen resolution of x means that the screen can display 1, pixels horizontally and 1, pixels vertically, this gives you a total pixel count of 2, pixels.

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For the purposes of this discussion, the important thing you need to know is that a screen resolution is simply a description of how many pixels the monitor can display.

The Real-World Impact of Higher Resolution Screens Generally speaking the higher resolution a screen is then the more pixels it has available to display your information. This can work in one of two ways. Why is this?

8 Best Monitors for Day Trading: Stock Trading Displays

Imagine trying to create a circle out of square lego blocks, you could do it but it would be impossible to create a smooth edge due to the blocky nature of the bricks you were using. If I then gave you another set of blocks which were a lot smaller then the same size circle would look a lot smoother. More Space to Work With — If we go back to comparing two screens, one with a higher resolution than the other, then what we are saying is that the higher resolution screen has more pixels.

As a trader the second benefit of a higher resolution screen is what you want, more space to lay out your charts, spreadsheets and Netflix maybe?

which monitors are best for trading

Can you have both benefits? You can which monitors are best for trading a certain extent but you have to be careful and there are drawbacks. This reduction in pixel size has a major impact on your experience of using the screen.

which monitors are best for trading

Take a 4K screen for example. If you have a These are very common and in widespread use and have been for many years now. If we have a 4K screen of the same size, which has four times the number of pixels, then all your text, icons, charts, practically anything that you display on the screen will appear four times smaller. This is because your software does not know what size screen you have connected, all it knows is that fonts, lines, buttons and images should take up a certain number of pixels.

Top 5 Best Monitors For Stock Trading (Day Traders)

When your pixels are four times smaller then everything is basically unusable. Hopefully you can see that simply going for a higher resolution screen is not the way to get more usable space for charts and software, you have to take the screen size, which in turn affects the pixel size, into account.

which monitors are best for trading

Windows Scaling With the increase in recent years of higher resolution screens the makers of software have had to take them into account and adapt how they do things. Microsoft Windows now has a feature called scaling which it uses to stop your Windows interface and the programs you use becoming unusable due to this tiny pixel issue.

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Scaling basically tells your software to increase the size of everything on your screen by a factor based on the size of your screen. You can control this easily through the Windows control panel for your display. The problem with scaling is two fold: Firstly, not all programs scale well.

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What I mean is that some software is not setup to simply scale its output to use a larger number of pixels, instead it stretches elements which leaves you with a really horrible looking interface, it is workable but looks terrible.

This scaling problem is becoming less of an issue though as program makers make changes to their software. The second and by far biggest problem with scaling is that it uses up a lot more space on your screens. The whole point for traders by going with a higher resolution screen is to gain more pixels to use, more pixels means more space for charts and programs.