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However, if you have problems, this is a naming scheme that is known to work. Board Outline Not Found - Either the board outline was not on the Dimension layer, or the outline was placed on the wrong gerber layer.

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Altium Altium typically produces a naming pattern understood by our site. The issues we typically see are the following: Altium often uses the.

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TXT extension for drill files, which our site will understand. If multiple. For 4 layer boards, our system will detect.

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G1 and. G2 files, which are generated gko on option internal signal layers. Proteus Ares Ares typically produces all gerbers with the extension.

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Our site does not parse this effectively, so the files must be manually renamed to the pattern suggested above. In some cases, the gerbers do not have a board outline. See our Board Outlines page for how to correct this.

Modifying the drill setup to match our Drill File Format will usually resolve this. A customer has provided a renaming utility to assist with this package.

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PHO or. ART extension.

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Some configurations produce various other extension patterns. Some of these patterns work except for the Board Outline layer which must be renamed. See this video tutorial for the correct format options to generate a usable drill file.

Older versions named the drill file thruhole.

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However, other than thruhole. XLN for the drill file is suggested.

Each Gerber file corresponds to one layer in the physical board — the component overlay, top signal layer, bottom signal layer, the solder masking layers, etc. It is advisable to consult with your board fabricator to confirm their requirements before supplying the output documentation required to fabricate your design. The output is generated when the configured output generator is run.

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