You can transfer small amounts through netbanking without adding a beneficiary

Quick earnings with quick transfer. Let's Get Started

quick earnings with quick transfer

Click Continue. Verify that the delivery name is correct.

quick earnings with quick transfer

Click Save. Note the delivery name must exactly match the name on the government-issued ID card that you intend to use to pick up your WU payment. If you're setting up WU payments for an organizational account, provide the name of an individual who will represent the company when picking up payments.

quick earnings with quick transfer

If you make a mistake, follow these instructions to update the delivery name or address in your account. Call the WU agent to confirm that they offer the Western Union Quick Cash service and that they hold your desired payment currency. Your sender's information which you'll find on your AdSense payment receipt. To view your payment receipt: visit your "Transactions" page and click the Automatic payment link.

quick earnings with quick transfer

Your payment was processed by: Google Ireland Ltd. Your payment was processed by: Google Asia Pacific Pte.

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Notes: In some countries you might be required to answer a test question to pick up your Quick earnings with quick transfer payment. This is an additional step to ensure that your payment is transferred securely.

quick earnings with quick transfer

Remember to pick up your WU payment within 60 days of the payment date, or the amount will be credited back to your AdSense account. We recommend that you call your local WU agent to confirm which currencies are available.

quick earnings with quick transfer

The exchange rate will vary based on the rate used by the WU agent on the day you pick up your payment. Note: Depending on your country, there may be a maximum limit on the amount you can receive in a single payment via WU.

If your payment exceeds the limit, then it will be split into multiple payments.


If multiple payments are not available in your country, we recommend receiving your payments by wire transfer. For more information on WU payment limits, see the table above or contact your WU agent.

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