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How to add a trend line on the chart

Add a trendline You can add trendlines to see patterns in your charts.

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Before you create a trendline: You can add trendlines to bar, line, column, or scatter charts. On your computer, open a spreadsheet in Google Sheets.

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Double-click a chart. At the right, click Customize Series. Optional: Next to "Apply to," choose the data series you want to add the trendline to.

Trendline in Excel

Click Trendline. Under "Trendline," you can edit: Trendline types. Line color, opacity, or thickness.

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R squared. This shows how closely the trendline fits the data.

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This is only available if you add a legend. Polynomial degrees. This is only available for polynomial trendlines.

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  8. Computergaga1 August 2,am EDT You can add a trendline to a chart in Excel to show the general pattern of data over time.

Average types. This is only available for moving average trendlines. Linear: For data that closely follows a straight line.

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Exponential: For data that rises and falls proportional to its current value. Polynomial: For data that varies.

How to Add a Trendline in Excel

Logarithmic: For data that rises or falls at a fast rate and then flattens out. Power series: For data that rises or falls proportional to its current value at the same rate. Moving average: Helps smooth out data that is unstable or more variable.

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