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Ledger nano s wallet address. Video instructions

Security tip Always send a small amount first.

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Then verify that the transaction was properly received by the recipient address before proceeding to send larger amounts. Before you begin You can only receive crypto assets that are supported in Ledger Live.

In my previous posts on forks, I mentioned how all these forked coins have their own unique agenda to propose for Bitcoin and failure in execution resulted in the coins being forked out as free airdropped coins. Needless to say, like always you need not worry because CoinSutrawith all due diligence, will help you claim your forked coins that are legit. With the increase in the number of forks being done, their way of distribution is evolving too. Ina majority of the forked coins will airdrop which will require you to sign a message using your private keys to prove that you actually are the owner of the Bitcoins that you are claiming. And that is the very reason for this write today — to tell you how to securely sign messages using your private keys via a Ledger Nano S.

Check that the right app is installed on your Ledger hardware wallet. Type or use the drop-down list to choose the account to credit. Connect and unlock your Ledger device.

How to sign a Bitcoin message with Ledger or Trezor (step-by-step guide)

Open the crypto asset app as instructed and click Continue. Verify that the address shown on your screen is the same as the address shown in Ledger Live.

Ledger Nano

For optimal security, you should copy and send the address to the sender of the transaction. Then verify with the sender of the transaction that the address received matches the one shown on your device.

Any of the addresses displayed by these commands are valid Solana wallet addresses. The private portion associated with each address is stored securely on the Nano, and is used to sign transactions from this address. Just make a note of which keypair URL you used to derive any address you will be using to receive tokens. Empty accounts and non-existent accounts are treated the same in Solana.

Approve the address on your device if it is the same. The receive modal cannot be closed until the address is rejected or approved on the device. Copy the address to share it with the sender of the transaction.

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Carefully check that the address does not change after you copy and paste it. It is recommended to click Re-verify after you've entered the address somewhere else to double-check it with your hardware wallet.

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Disconnecting safely You may safely disconnect your hardware wallet once you've verified an address or approved a transaction. Crypto assets are transferred on their blockchain network to the address generated by your device, nothing gets physically sent to your device.

Where can I find my Ledger wallet address?

Addresses don't match? Only addresses shown on your hardware wallet are yours.

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Don't have your device? On the account selection screen, click on Don't have your device?

How do I generate a wallet address on my Ledger?

The generated receive address does not benefit from the optimal level of security ledger nano s wallet address the receive address on Ledger Live is not verified on your Ledger hardware wallet.

Why receive addresses change You've generated an address for the selected account, that you can share with the sender.

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Blockchains based on Bitcoin are public networks. Ledger Live generates new addresses for crypto assets based on Bitcoin. For crypto assets based on Bitcoin, the previous addresses do remain valid, but they don't offer an optimal level of privacy.

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