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Share Tweet Pin Print on demand shops Selling your illustrations on t-shirts and other products via a print on demand site can be a nice side income for any artist that have some visual art laying around.

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Uploading your art to these kinds of sites is easy for anyone to do, it only takes time. It work like this, you upload your pictures to their platform, you then choose what kind of products you want to sell with your art t-shirts, mugs, stickers and a lot morethen your product will be up for sale on their shop for anyone to buy.

A alternative to selling stock photos is to open up a online shop etsy or similar and sell your illustrations as downloadable files, so people can buy them and then download and print them out themself. Offer a service Another way to create your own opportunities is to create a service related to your service, this helps of course if you have a following already on Instagram for examplebut with just a few dedicated fans creating a creative service could be a good idea.

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Open up a online shop You can open up a shop online and sell your own prints, stickers or any other product. Awesome Merchandise is just one of many places where you can order products and prints in bulk.

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Be prepared and give them some information and pictures of your products, and a business card with all your info. You could for example create videos around your illustrations where you show your drawing process and give people advice on how how to spend money earning it improve their own work.

Below you can find two great examples of illustrators that have their own Youtube channel.

Dogs howl to attract attention, to make contact with others and to announce their presence. Some dogs also howl in response to high-pitched sounds, such as emergency vehicle sirens or musical instruments. Read on to learn what to do if your dog howls excessively.

What are other Illustrators doing? Another piece of advice that can generate even more ideas is to see what other artist are doing.

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Have they worked with any companies lately and if so could there be a similar opportunity for you to work with that company? In the past I asked other artist how they do their shipping when dealing with fragile items and I got a lot of great advice by just asking!

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Learn something new Branch out and learn a new skill, it should preferably a skill that has a strong demand and could easily be sold somehow. It could be anything from animation, logo design, typography or even just a new style of drawing.

Yeah, I never met a wolf who didn't love to howl! Ivy:Yeah, I never met a wolf who didn't love to howl! Tell me, where can I sign on the dotted line?

Collaborate Team up with someone outside your field and create a project together. Sending out emails are easy and you never know what kind of opportunities it could lead to.

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