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Contact Choices vs. Options and Alternatives If a salesperson presents choice option with three inkjet printers to consider for purchase, is he or she giving you choices—or options? These two nouns were once more distinct from each other, but the line has blurred as common usage continues evolving.


Today, you will not lose meaning or clarity when using either word to refer to something for selection, particularly in spoken English. However, the careful and accurate writer will acknowledge the difference between choices and options and reinforce it in practice.

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Perhaps the easiest way to distinguish choices from options is to remember that options are the items or categories from which we choose. In our sales scenario above, you are making your choice from three options for an inkjet printer. We can buttress this discussion by continuing your sales scenario.

Another good topic to review in this context is Among vs. This recent article from January 11,specifies our grammatical stance on which word to use when writing of two or more people or things.

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On a similar note, a word that can often be switched and confused with option is alternative. Choice option choices and options, these nouns have distinctions. Alternatives are the options other than one standing alone within a group of them.

What is the difference: Possibility, Choice, and Option? If we say that something is a possibility, that means it is something that could be true.

With this reasoning, you will always have one more option than alternatives. In our splurging scenario, you had three options, each with two alternatives.

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Philosophy What is the difference between option and choice? The thin line between an option and a choice is that of the freedom to make a decision.