1. Use a writing prompt

Get ideas quickly

I wrote a response where I shared my current take on it and then got back to my daily writing.

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Over the following days, my inspiration flowed and I had no trouble figuring out what to write about. Then, Day 14 arrived and I had no clue what to write about.

This time, I was able to contemplate it at a deeper level.

How to Come up With Article Ideas Quickly

In so doing, I discovered the secret to finding article ideas with ease. Our brain is hardwired to want to come up with answers when we ask it a question.

  1. A few years ago, I found that world.

You can use that when trying to come up with article ideas. The easiest way to come up with an article idea quickly is to look for a specific question you can answer in your writing.

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Let's explore how you can put this into practice. Use a writing prompt You can find a lot of article prompts online but here are 3 easy ones to get you started. What is your favorite book and why?

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Often, people think too big which sets them up for failure. For instance, when I asked about this on Social Media, get ideas quickly person wondered how they could decide on a career path if they have many interests.

  • How to Come up With Article Ideas Quickly
  • IdeaConnection: Innovation Articles: How to Get Ideas Quickly
  • I wrote a response where I shared a few thoughts about it and then got back to my writing.
  • How to Get Your Ideas to Market Quickly and Painlessly

You can also search through your memory, your Social Media messages, or your email inbox to find questions people have. Doing that can have the positive side effect of actually solving your issue. Get ideas quickly instance, when I found it hard to be productive, I wrote an article about it.

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Not only was it a good article I thinkbut it also helped me resolve the challenge in my life. What is something you are curious about?

How to Get Your Ideas to Market Quickly and Painlessly

Have someone ask you a question and record yourself answering that question This is more of a meta-tip. Typically, people find it easier to talk than to write presumably, because talking feels more relational.

If you have a question and still find it hard to start writing, record yourself talking it out with someone and then use the transcript as the basis for your article. Writing is scary but it has so many benefits.

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However, sometimes it can be challenging to find out what you want to write about. By using the approaches I shared above, you should be able to come up with article ideas and publish them in no time… just like I did in this article today!

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From one writer to another: happy writing! Additional resources To connect more Bitcoin price forecast at the end the unique perspective or superpower you bring to the world, you might like to take this quiz: If you are unsure what you would like to do for a living, I also recommend this free mini-course: FREE Do What You Love Mini-Course Join Now!