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Subconscious trading


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    All of our choices on what to trade, calculating risk, or doing our price action analysis is done via the conscious mind. And herein lies the subconscious trading twist and irony. This translates to about 41 thoughts per second.

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    If you think about it, this makes sense in our everyday lives. It can do this really fast, but only one. Tying all this back into our trading reality, if you spend most of your time analyzing price action in the now, reading trading books and watching trading videos, by and large, you are only training one portion of your mind the conscious mind.

    The problem with this formula is that it leaves an imbalanced trading mindset.

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    A subconscious mind that is not properly trained, never digging into our unconscious mind and self-image, will leave us vulnerable to a repeating the same trading mistakes, and b inconsistent execution which in turn hurts performance. Subconscious trading of these mental errors could be due to not properly training our subconscious mind, but they can also be caused by our unconscious mind and self-image.

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    These are the parts of your trading mind you never or rarely train. This article is part of the Forex Magnates Community project. If you wish to become a guest contributor, please apply here: UGC Form. Share this article.

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