33 Ways to Monetize a Website/Blog

How to open your website and make money

However, you probably also dismiss the idea as an outright impossibility.

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And, all you need to create one that's profitable is a little bit of effort and a unique personal experience to share which you probably already have. Your first job is to choose a niche that has a sizable and dedicated potential audience. Put time and effort into your onsite content.

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Monetize that traffic. For example, you could start selling products or offer consulting services, or you could sell advertising on your site.

In order to attract any investors in the form of advertisersyou must have a place for them to sell their wares.

You could even use affiliate links in some of your blog posts to earn passive revenue that way. Write reviews of products or services.

First, you could write reviews of products and services that you already use. For example, Snoring HQ produces reviews of a number of different products designed to help users stop snoring.

How to Make a Website and Earn Money: Website Monetization

Offer career or technical expertise. Share personal stories.

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For example, you might share examples of the things that happen at your workplace behind closed doors, or you might detail the experiences you have with your crazy neighbors keeping their identities anonymous, of course. Give tangible value to others.

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Finally, you could use your experience to give your users some kind of measurable, immediate value. More from Entrepreneur Get heaping discounts to books you love delivered straight to your inbox.

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