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Ooo meat soul trading

On the way you will have the power to take the powers of monsters to help you continue in the story. As they say in Pokemon, can you catch em' all? When I played it to see what it was like I didn't stop.

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In this version I focused on the map guide, strategy bestiary and story summary first, then moved onto things like the encyclopaedia and other Castlevania games. Series: Castlevania [First Copyright ] Developer: Konami, the same guys who made Metal Gear Solid and Bubble Bobble Releases: [Origina], [as part of a Castlevania "value pack" that included Harmony of Dissonance], [mobile phone version that is a bit cut down].

Difficulty: Not very hard in Castlevania terms, though you can retry the game in Hard Mode upon completion where certain items are made available. Though there is far more blood in the Japanese version, apparently.

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Saves: 3 Adapter: Support unknown. It is set in36 years aft- er the ultimate demise of Dracula.

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On there's a hitch! Soma Cruz, a teenage exchange student could be the next Dracula! What were the chances?! To many, Aria of Sorrow will be a precursor to Dawn of Sorrow.

There isn't a hell of a lot of story line but there's a lot you can make up on your own. The fantasy genre has limitless scope for imagination and it's nice to play an RPG that forces you to collect the souls of enemies and think of what you can do with them. There aren't a lot of NPCs [a total of three actually] ooo meat soul trading the game is only set in Dracula's castle, but it's fun without being strenuous to go from one part of the castle to the next, exploring its hallways and chambers.

At least to me it is. Alex was always asking me what to do next! This is a game that everyone seems to like, and so do I. The stats are pretty simple, because Attack shows how much damage you'll cause enemies and Constitution Con shows how much you'll be defended against the blows of enemies. Intelligence effects how well you use magic and summon guardians.

The more Luck you have the more likely you'll get Souls and items from monsters. MP [Magic Points]: Used whenever casting a soul [see green bar]. STR [Strength]: Damage caused with your weapon. CON [Constitution]: Defence against enemy attacks. AGL [Agility]: How well you can dodge blows. Lamps not effected.

A: - Talk to people. B: - Attack with equipped weapon.

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Start: - Open the main menu and pause [the timer stops]. Select: - View the map [or what you've completed of it]. R: - Press to summon an blue souls you've equipped.

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L: - Press to use Gravekeeper. Monsters may have elemental affinities that make them strong or weak to certain kinds of attacks. The following is a list of elements and what their symbols look like: - Normal: Sword. You can't move for a while and have to wriggle out of the predicament or be stomped on. Strength and Defence drop significantly, thus effecting attack and constitution. Cured with Anti-Venom. Your MP drops really fast. Cured with Uncurse Potion.

Is generally effective against Dark. Undead monsters tend to be dark elemental.

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When an enemy is weak to a certain element the power of the weapon carrying that element will double [for Normal that's Att x 1. If the enemy's resistant it's halved. If the weapon has two elements you have to think of the matter in a different way. The enemy will only be weak against the weapon if it has one element that it's weak against and one that's neutral.

To calculate the damage you are likely to cause to a particular enemy, follow these ooo meat soul trading 1. Times Soma's Attack by a damage quotient dependant on the enemy's affinity with the weapon's element.

Take his Attack value and times it if the enemy is weak to the element. If you're poisoned times base damage by 16 and divide the result by If you're in Hard Mode divide base damage by 0.

Cheser mog — rice, with melted yak butterbrown sugar, raisins and salt [3] Chexo — a rice and yogurt dish Drokpa katsa — a dish of stewed tripewith curryfennelmonosodium glutamate and salt [3] Gundain — a pastry made from barley grain and yeast fermented into a light barley beerwith tsampadry curd cheesewild ginsengand brown sugar. Gyabrag — a pancake made with barley flour, yak butter, dry cheese curds and sugar Gyaho — In Tibetan cuisine, Gyaho is a chafing dish in the Han Chinese style; a hot pot of vermicellikombumushrooms, meatballs, bamboo sprouts and salt.

Times base damage by 2 and subtract the enemies' Defence value. Divide the result by 2, and write the number down. Subtract the Defence of the enemy from and divide by and write the number down. Multiply the numbers you wrote down in steps 4 and 5; voila you have the answer! Magic damage calculations are the same except for the first step, where the base damage is dependent not merely on the Attack and element values!

Multiply Soma's Int to create the spell part of the equation. Add them to each other and divide by You can also see the EXP of the monsters you've defeated in the menu. Soul Trade: As long as you've got the link cable, another copy of ooo meat soul trading game and another GBA you can give some of your spare souls to your friend in exchange for one of his.

But as the cartridge is very rare I have never been able to do this.

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I'm not sure what happens when you get to hours though! Rate: Overall percentage of how full your bestiary is and how many souls you've acquired. I'm not sure whether it applies to your inventory but to complete the bestiary you need to get every item from every enemy at ooo meat soul trading once.

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Gold: There is only one shop and it's not available at the beginning of the game, rather you have to kill three bosses then trudge back to Mina before you can buy stuff. I wonder who buys from Hammer other than Soma? Equip: Put three types of equipment on Soma; hand, body and accessory. The hand equipment, or weapons all have a unique feel to them depend- ing on what type of weapon you're talking about. The others are Ancient Books [which give Soma certain abilities] and Castle Maps, which open up more of the map for you.

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Ability: All of the automatic abilities are stored here, and you get them as you explore the castle as part of the walk-through. Sleep: The same as making a temporary file, you can save wherever you like but you have to quit, and whenever you reload it it deletes it- self; it appears as a devil mug underneath the permanent save, so you can't Sleep until you've visited a Sanctuary.

Enemy Data: Shows the enemy behaviours, tolerance, weakness, drops, EXP, whether you've souled them or not and other information. You may ooo meat soul trading tempted to use them exploring the castle but you don't realise there's only a certain way you can go in a new area before it's wiser to retreat to the sanctuary [and there's a higher chance of getting Souls].

Julius does it and that keeps him a healthy vampire hunter indeed! It goes both ways, too. Ensure there are no chips in your armour! There aren't many elements in Aria of Sorrow but that doesn't take away from their integral role in battle.

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Come back often to heal. This is an ideal place to get the Baselard, Cloth Tunic and Zombie soul. Climb up to get to the tower area. On the bottom area to the left is a breakable wall btw! There's that Fire Mail that is hard-to-reach on the left hand side, for you need more than double-jump F: Upper Castle Room - Monsters:.

G: Lower Castle Room - Monsters:. What was it again? The Rock Armour and Skeleton Archer combination is just deadly, so kill the skeleton quick! Church Foyer - Monsters: Inf. Church Roof - Monsters: Inf.

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You can jump over the green bells btw. Church Choir Hall - Boss: Chimera. You can get to the room described though. The prize is good though [Tallhammer and there is 4x Gargoyle as well].