How to trade bitcoin

How much does a trader earn on bitcoin

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Generation Crypto by Jessica Klein Brian belongs to an underground, largely anonymous collective of high-octane cryptocurrency traders who seek their fortunes in the scantily regulated — and heavily manipulated — crypto markets. Instead of holding the asset long-term and praying for a windfall, they trade the twists and turns, profiting when it goes up and profiting when it goes down.

Source: Chris Liverani on Unsplash The normal rules do not apply in the world of cryptocurrency.

How to trade bitcoin

They can check the news, call up the CEO, sleep with the intern. The controversial belief among many traders is that price movements in these markets rarely conceal a deeper reality — they reveal only the frantic movements of the traders themselves.

Subscribe to Blockchain Bitesour daily update with the latest stories. Cryptocurrencies go up and down because people buy them and sell them, he says.

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And why do people buy them and sell them? Because other people buy them and sell them.

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Technical analysis works so well. The most essential part of being a trader is, you have to ring the cash register, you know?

  • Web platform, mobile trading app and MT4 Buying bitcoin through an exchange Buying bitcoin through an exchange is mainly for those who use a buy-and-hold bitcoin strategy.
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Most of the charts are black or dull grey, streaked through with wild white zig-zags that pulse arrhythmically, like blips on a heartbeat monitor. Many of them are students enrolled in his trading course, one of his few respites from … trading. Traders are often super smart and razor sharp, he says, but in that tragicomic internet way — their jokes belie the essential bleakness of their lives.


Named after an 11th century Buddhist monk, Tilopa takes a singularly Zen-like approach to trading. The atomic, subatomic order of things. From a promotional video for Young Tilopa's trading course.