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    So the first thing to realize is that options are categorized by expiration dates. So these options that I've listed right here are expiring in April and options expire or they usually expire on the third Friday of any month or I guess to be exact, the third Friday of the month is the last day that you could trade them.

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    They officially expire the Saturday after that. And these are options on GE, the last stock quote.

    So the first column, this is just the symbol for that particular option. This is the last trading price.

    interest rate option

    This is how much it's changed that day. The low and the high give the range of trading that day on that option. Volume tells us how many options actually traded that day and open interest, which is something that you're probably not familiar with if you've only looked at stock quotes, tells us how many actual, open options contracts of that type are actually in existence.

    So if you look right over here, this tells us that there are open con And it tells us that none of those open options actually traded that day.

    What is an Option Chain?

    If any of these options get exercised, then it'll go down to If someone writes a new option, then it'll go up to And the way it's listed here is that the "in the money" options are listed in this light blue color and that the "out of the money" options option quotes get the light blue color. Option quotes so you can see the "in the money" call options are the ones that option quotes the strike price below And you could see right here that the stock is or the option I should say, is actually trading a little bit above that and that's because it has the optionality.

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    The most you could lose here is the price that you paid for your option. And then you can see the put options that are in the money, are the ones that how i started making money a strike price above the current trading price.

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