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    Advantages of Day Trading Professional day traders are drawn to the benefits of day trading, which can include: Work-from-home opportunities. Day traders are often attracted to the freedom of location—especially for parents of young children, those who care for family members or students. Virtually unlimited earning potential. Forget waiting for a raise or fighting coworkers for a promotion.

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    So long as you choose liquid assets that can be easily bought and sold, the only limit to your income is the successfulness of your trading strategy. Day traders never have to worry about someone stealing their idea at a meeting or dealing with a difficult boss.

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    Many trading programs traders report a huge amount of personal satisfaction from being personally responsible for all of their income and losses. Possible Disadvantages of Day Trading Capital losses. Even if a majority of trades are profitable, day traders may see commissions, fees, and minor losses slowly chip away at their profits, which results in less money earned.

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    A lack of guaranteed income.