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At FE International we value and broker the sale of internet businesses with a wide range of monetization strategies e. SaaS, AdSense, Subscription across almost every niche.

Every time. We believe everyone should be able to make financial decisions with confidence. So how do we make money?

In this post, we will dispel some common valuation myths, discuss some useful valuation techniques and provide examples of real-life situations we have seen recently to help crystallize the facts.

A DCF should be a serious consideration for investors appraising mature, stable businesses with predictable cashflows. Precedent Transactions Looking for precedent acquisitions of similar companies is another traditional approach to benchmarking a valuation for a business.

It is typically thinkorswim binary options as a frame of reference or sanity check against a DCF or another method rather than being the foundation of a valuation. With the comparable transactions method, you are looking for comparable metrics, usually multiples of earnings or revenue. It is important to identify the key valuation parameter for each deal.

If you figure out what the key valuation parameter is, you can examine at what multiples of those parameters the comparable companies were valued. You can then use a similar approach to value the company being considered. The main prerequisite for a useful and accurate precedent transactions analysis is access to transaction data.

There have been a few examples of analysis from Centurica and SitePointwhich can provide a helpful starting point for new investors.

For the most part though, precedent analysis is a tricky technique to work with unless you know the parties involved in previous deals. There is scope to analyze deals on marketplaces, but these are often misrepresented or low quality versus brokered deals.

Earnings-Multiple The third major valuation method is the use of earnings multiples.

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Buying an online business? Download our free page guide to buying and learn all you need to know Some Other Methods And Metrics Traffic Valuation Another approach to determining the value of a website, specifically sites that have yet to be monetized but have traffic, is the traffic value method.

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  • The truth is that making money online isn't as difficult as most make it out to seem.
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To do this, the buyer must research the top key phrases that drive the majority of search traffic to the site. Then identify the cost-per-click value of the keywords. That will give you some sense on the value of the traffic for the site.

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The traffic valuation method can be useful for devising a value for a non-monetized site e. Traffic metrics can be an interesting way to triangulate or sense-check valuations. This is Internet earnings is it worth it where automated website valuation tools cannot compete. Online valuation tools instead usually work off publicly available traffic statistics typically Alexa rank and apply an estimated CPM to guess advertising revenue. Some arbitrary discount rates are applied based on domain age, number of backlinks and other metrics.

Naturally, there are a host of issues with this: no accounting for financial performance and no accounting for different types of monetization to name a couple.

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Often they are just as inaccurate in the other direction. Because of this, you are never going to get a fair and accurate representation of what your website is actually worth.

There are two elements to the method that buyers should become experts in: defining profitability and identifying the factors that should influence the multiple. SDE is the money left once all costs of goods sold and critical read: non-discretionary operating expenses have been deducted from gross income. With SDE clearly defined and calculated, the next step is to devise a suitable multiple. Factors That Influence The Multiple Evaluating a business acquisition is a complex task, and as a result, there are many factors that influence the multiple of a business.

Any operational or market factor that directly or indirectly impacts these core drivers will influence the multiple. Below are some of the major ones you should think about when appraising acquisition opportunities. Internet earnings is it worth it How old is the business?

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How has gross and net income been trending for the last years? The last few months?

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Can a new owner replicate the cost structure? Can they make any savings? Are there any anomalies in the financial history of the business? If so, are they explained? Can all of the revenue streams be transferred to a new owner?

10 Companies That Will Pay You Just to Use the Internet

How stable is the earning power e. Is the owner an influence on the earnings power i. Traffic What percentage of traffic comes from search? What is the mix of short and long tail? How has traffic between trending for the last year? Has the site been affected by any Google algorithm changes or manual penalties? What is the industry trend see Google Trends?

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Where does the referral traffic come from? Is it sustainable? Are there high technical requirements?

By Sam Harrison 21st September Tech giants make billions from our data — why can't we do the same?

What technical knowledge is required to run or manage the business? Niche How competitive is the niche?

Final Thoughts for the Future.

What are the barriers to entry? Is the niche growing? What are the recent trends and developments in the niche?