January 2020 Report Into The Cryptocurrency Exchange Industry (From CryptoCompare)

Trading volume of crypto exchanges

Cryptocurrency Exchanges by Volume

Trading volume of crypto exchanges market trading volume. Image: Shutterstock In brief Analytics firm Coin Metrics has a new way to weed out fake data from crypto volume metrics.

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  3. In anticipation of growing demand and a volatile trading environment, exchanges are stepping up to offer the range of products and services the market requires.
  4. Some can convert digital currency balances into anonymous prepaid cards which can be used to withdraw funds from ATMs worldwide [1] [2] while other digital currencies are backed by real-world commodities such as gold.
  5. While the cryptocurrency industry has been fraught with fraudulent coins and shady exchanges, Coinbase has largely avoided any controversy.
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Only 13 crypto exchanges can be trusted to provide accurate volume figures, according to the firm's new framework. Coin Metrics' Trusted Volume Framework aims to create a more transparent view into crypto markets.

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The team at crypto analytics firm Coin Metrics has architected a new framework for evaluating how reliable exchange volume data really is. And based on the firm's methodology, real crypto trading volumes are close to one tenth of those reported by most exchanges.

You literally had to open multiple trading accounts with various brokers across the world to chase such opportunities.

The Coin Metrics Trusted Volume Framework is a new way to more accurately measure trading volumes across crypto markets. Many exchanges, particularly those which list illiquid altcoins, have a reputation of falsifying volumes in a bid to attract traders.

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We are working to create a more transparent environment for those within it and a safer, more trustworthy source for those hoping to learn more. IO, Coinbase, Gate. All of these exchanges, sans CEX.

Trading Volume on Most Cryptocurrency Exchanges is Fake

For its own framework, Coin Metrics subjected popular crypto exchanges to a three-pronged litmus test for volume correlation, web traffic analytics and qualitative features. Crypto exchange scores on the Trusted Volume Framework.

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Any exchange which did not score at least a 50 out of 89 for this test failed it. So which exchanges are the least trustworthy? The full list is current as of July 1, but Coin Metrics will update it periodically if needed.

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