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Senator Kelly Loeffler has faced questions about her stock trading activity while in office.

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After she was involved in key meetings early in the pandemic, she sold some stocks just before they lost significant value. Loeffler denied wrongdoing, and the investigation ended without prosecution. With that — and amid a heated presidential election — any momentum to pass new legislation to prevent persistent questions about whether lawmakers were profiting from trading individual stocks was lost.

Emily Graffeo Jan. The chief investment officer and chief US equity strategist laid out 3 catalysts that could spark a drawdown in the stock market in a Monday note to clients. The catalysts include the Georgia Senate run-off election, softer guidance than expected during fourth quarter earnings season, and some kind of intervention by regulators to quash the exuberance in cryptocurrencies. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.

It relies on the Securities and Exchange Commission, an agency that is singularly empowered to uphold the credibility of the markets — and in this instance, it could also news in stock trading bolster the credibility of our political system. For the past month, I have spent hours on the phone and on Zoom calls discussing an idea I developed that could significantly reduce, if not end completely, questionable stock trading by members of Congress by creating more transparency around trades.

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I spoke to lawmakers, former prosecutors and former chairmen, commissioners and heads of enforcement at the S. Pitt, the chairman of the agency during President George W. It is clever.

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The S. That would eliminate the frequent excuse that Congress members give about not being involved in trades, even when they are.

Perdue said the senator was not involved in the day-to-day decisions of his portfolio.

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