How To Get Paid To Chat Online and 17 Companies That Really Pay

Chat earnings on the Internet, Program Details

Tweet Shares Looking for a real job you can just roll out of bed and start working on and get paid? If this sounds like a good deal for you, then just read on for my list of companies and platforms where you can find the best remote live chat operator jobs. Chat-Only Operator Jobs Chat-only operator jobs usually have slightly lower pay rates and a higher typing speed requirement than their chat-and-voice counterpart. However, they usually have more flexible work hours and less strict requirements.

Related Resources List of Ways to Make Money Chatting or Talking Therefore, if you feel you are up to the task, here internet earnings top a list of the best companies that will pay you to chat or sell your services online.

Chat People of expertise are always pestered with questions and queries all over the world. Premium Chat is an online app that has devised a way such people can generate revenue from their knowledge and expertise.

For a person with a steady fan base and followers of social media, making money through Premium Chat is even easier. It provides the ultimate platform where they can get paid per minute through live chat and by answering questions from their followers.

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The platform is open for counselors, coaches, advisors, and influencers working in any field of their choice. Influencers and advisors can set their own rates and payment modes according to their popularity and expertise.

Also, they can set different rates for live chat earnings on the Internet and posting informational responses for their fans.

12 Ways to Get Paid to Chat: Make Money Talking

Users chat earnings on the Internet simply begin by creating their personal profile as they would on a typical social media chatting platform. This way, the portal maintains complete transparency for its users. The signup process takes only three minutes and does not ask for any setup costs or monthly subscription fees.

Fiverr With Fiverrit offers freelancers a platform where they can earn from the skills they possess.

Where to Find Phone Sexting Jobs? Here comes the good part. Here are a few legitimate ones to get you started: 1.

Therefore, if you wantto get paid to text message people, then you can apply for jobs that binary options strategy spread such services. Unlike most other freelance platforms, Fiverr offers a unique model through which freelancers can set up gigs of what they do best. Therefore, if talking and chatting is your thing, you can as well get paid to chat with people who require these services.

All you need is to sign up and set up your own gig and wait for interested people to buy. To get clients easily, you should label it in a way that people will find it. With Fiverryou can also set packages that allow people to order more from you for extra cash. You can use a freelance rate calculator to determine the amount you will charge your clients.

After the gig is complete, you will see the funds, 14 days after the client approves it. From there, you can get your money through Payoneer or PayPal.


ChatOperatorJobs Chat Operator Jobs If you are looking for an easy way to earn some extra cash, then this site can be a great place for you. However, the site only hires ladies only to chat with lonely men and men who need someone to talk to.

One awesome thing about the site is that you are free to work within hours that you are comfortable with. They give you the liberty to indicate when you can be available for chats, as well as waiting to be contacted by customers.

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All you need to work for the site is to be a woman of 25 years and above, and have a PayPal account. Also, you must be available to reply to at least 75 messages every week.

Program Features

Become a Chat Support Representative in Amazon Amazon is another great company that also hires people to chat with customers. As an eCommerce service delivery company, Amazon regularly employs chat support representatives to talk with their customers and answer their questions.

As an agent, you will communicate with the customers via online chat tools, and help resolve their queries and shopping needs. These Amazon jobs are usually part time based and occur mostly during busy holiday months. Therefore, if you want to make money as an Amazon chat representative, you can try your luck between the months of September and January. The best thing about working at Amazon is that you have a chance to be permanently employed if you show outstanding performance.

Get Paid to Chat: Tricks To Make Money Talking Online - Outandbeyond

Also, they have attractive compensation rates. LiveWorld If you are looking for a company that will pay you good money to chat, LiveWorld is one of them. The company employs chat agents who are assigned various duties such as: Social media moderation, customer service, engagement, and monitoring.

To determine and escalate topics, trends, sentiment, and other emerging issues. However, to be part of LiveWorld chat team, you must possess certain skills that include: Excellent communication and typing skills Multi-tasking skills Outstanding grammar, spelling, as well as punctuation skills Whether you want to work from home or want a part-time online opportunity, LiveWorld offers both job categories.

10 Best Live Chat Operator Jobs from Home (Flexible Hours) | Best of Budgets

Therefore, you are free to work from anywhere. When it comes to compensation, LiveWorld offers hourly-based pay, which can also include other benefits like generous time-off, health insurance, as well as a k.

Therefore, you can apply with them to offer support chat services to their customers. One advantage with Live Sales Staff is that, just like many online gigs, you can work from anywhere, even from home. You can either be hired to handle customer service or sales. As for your mode of communication, you will use email, support tickets, and online chat.

However, while doing my research, I came across some comments saying that the company regularly fails to pay its freelancers. Therefore, although their pay looks attractive, you can conduct personal research before you join. Accolade Support If you have excellent conversational skills, Accolade Support is the right place for you to make money. They are independent contractors who work with various companies to offer call center services.

In other words, the firm works with other companies seeking to outsource the services of a call center.

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For this reason, Accolade Support is in constant search for talented individuals to fill various positions as chat agents. The chat agents are required to work from various virtual locations and are assigned different tasks, including: Customer service Technical service Sales representatives The team is tasked with improving the ROI return on investment for various companies by handling the whole lifecycle of their customers.

Therefore, if you are looking for an online opportunity that can help you earn some money, you can try Accolade Support. However, to make it as a chat agent here, you have to possess excellent skills both in communication and typing. Typically, kgb offers services such as enhanced information, directory assistance, and consumer lending. The company gives you a chance to earn by answering questions that people ask via their messaging services.

However, kgb is available for US residents only. For someone to join, they must provide their social security number to prove that they reside in the US. Also, you must pass their vetting process before you join.

This is because they need individuals with good communication and research skills, who can respond to questions fast and correctly. The payments are made through direct bank chat earnings on the Internet. Well, Asurion is typically a call center firm.

Therefore, whether you are looking for an extra gig or a fulltime job, Asurion is an incredible place for you. They offer the best opportunities for you to get paid to talk on the phone. The best thing with Asurion is that it hires people as young as 16 years, which makes it an excellent option for teenagers to earn money. JustAnswer This one is a platform that employs live operators to respond to queries made by various people.


These questions are usually from various professionals like lawyers, doctors, mechanics, engineers, business people, and more. Therefore, you must also provide professional answers, which are well researched and phrased.

Thanks for supporting! So the idea of yapping on the phone with people gives me the willies. But texting or chatting online I actually enjoy a lot.

In terms of compensation, JustAnswer will pay you a certain percentage of the total accepted answers. Therefore, if you are good at chatting and are looking for a way to get paid to chat, then this might be your thing. However, if you know you are not good at research, you might as well stay away from this. Working Solutions Working Solutions is also a firm that employs and pays individuals to offer chat services.