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See HttpDiscovery for more info. The first block in every chain is a well known constant shared between all Bitcoin implementations.

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For a block to be valid, it must be eventually possible to work backwards to the genesis block by following the prevBlockHash pointers in the block headers.

The genesis blocks for both test and main networks contain the timestamp of when they were created, and a message in the coinbase transaction.

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See LegacyAddress. This is the same as acceptableAddressCodes[0] and is the one used for "normal" addresses.

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Other types of address may be encountered with version codes found in the acceptableAddressCodes array. See DumpedPrivateKey. If the actual elapsed time is significantly different from this value, the network difficulty formula will produce a different value. Both test and main Bitcoin networks use 2 weeks seconds. Bitcoin standardises this to be You can use ECKey.

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Where not applicable, a very large number of coins is returned instead i. Always returns true for Bitcoin, but exists to be overridden for other networks. This is a shared serializer.

About your broadcast volume toggle You can send messages to randomly selected recipients from your friends list by setting a broadcast volume. Note: If you're filtering friends by demographic, be sure that the number of recipients is set to 50 or more people. To set a broadcast volume, follow the steps below.

Returns: the default serializer for this network. Enables support for alternative blockchains which enable tests based on different criteria. Parameters: block - block to determine flags for.

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Returned tests should be a safe subset if block height is unknown. Parameters: block - block the transaction belongs to.

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