Who is Ivangay: an idol of schoolchildren or a competent entrepreneur? Like Iwangai

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Reddit The name Ivangay, the blogging pseudonym of year-old Ivan Rudsky, is known even by those who have never watched either his own videos or even how much money does Iwangai make a month on Russian YouTube. On his channel, Ivangay talks about his own not-so-exciting life, plays video games, makes silly experiments, sings - in general, does nothing that any other video blogger would not do; nevertheless, it is Rudskoy who is the absolute record holder of Russian YouTube in terms of the number of subscribers, outstripping even the cartoon "Masha and the Bear.

A rare case when the material about the video blogger can not start with a long explanation for the "adult" audience about who it is and why you need to know about it.

Ivangai is perhaps the only video blogger who has managed to convert the popularity of his channel into social capital far beyond YouTube. Rudsky has three times more subscribers than Kanye West: at the time of publication of this material, more than This phenomenal success is not the result of a well-thought-out strategy that a large team worked on, as is the case with, for example, "".

Ivangay made himself in the most classic, American sense: a guy from a deaf Ukrainian village he even learned Russian while working on the channel was messing with something on his parent computer, enduring the ridicule of his classmates and adults - and once discovered that he channel - media with a ten millionth audience.

Mainly with Minecraft - a terribly popular and very simple in terms of graphics game similar to Lego, where you can build anything from cubes - from the hut to the airport. Minecraft is a huge world with its own rules, customs and dialect "nubik", "chunk", "drop". Minecraft has neither a specific goal, nor epic battles and complex strategies - but here you can create games inside the game; he who first encounters this world may be impressed either by a psychedelic experiment, or by a philosophical parable binary options u the spirit of deconstructivism.

Minecraft reviews are the most post-modern youtube genre: some people describe events taking place in an emphasized conditional world that mimic other fantasy worlds, while millions of other people watch this on the Internet also, in essence, a fantasy world.

how much money does Iwangai make a month

analytical trading If Minecraft itself is a detailed commentary on the whole modern culture: on total nostalgia, on the pursuit of simple solutions, and so on; then the game reviews are a commentary to the commentary, a meta-world with its language, rituals and traditions. Ivangai plays Minecraft, 8 million views Starting with Minecraft is a common strategy for video bloggers.

The story of PewDiePie, the world's most popular blogger with more than 50 million subscribers, was exactly the same. Ivangai is periodically accused of copying Chelberg's style, formats and even hairstyles. From a formal point of view, these accusations are not groundless - many of the tricks of the senior colleague clearly influenced Rudsky, but a comparison with another big teenage pop star of the early s, Justin Bieber, seems more useful for understanding the phenomenon of Ivangai's popularity.

Bieber without a commercial grip Comparison with Bieber is generally difficult to avoid for any teenage star - about five years ago, for example, they spoke of another video blogger, Roma Acorn. However, Ivangai has rights to the title of Russian Bieber, perhaps even more.

Like Bieber, Rudskoy gathered a huge audience in record time: the Ivangai channel was registered in March and gathered ten million subscribers in 3. After graduating from school, Rudskoy went to study first in Dnepropetrovsk, then to Japan, and then to Moscow, where he remained to live, without having received a diploma. At this point, he already had a millionth audience, but continued to do everything himself or with the help of friends.

This is an important component of the success of the channel: nobody stands behind Ivangai, this is not a production project, but a personal, sincere thing. However, here Rudsky can hardly be called an exception: until recently, almost all popular bloggers did everything from sound engineering to selling advertising themselves. However, for a young man whose parents own a couple of rural grocery stores, this is in passive earnings bitcoin case incredible money.

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Of the peers of Rudsky he is 21 years oldonly football players earn so much, and Ivangay is completely different from them: on the contrary, he consciously refuses expensive cars and other household signs of success, so dear to the heart of the post-Soviet man. As the audience grew, Ivangay came up with new formats. Many of his videos are experiments on his own body - in the spirit of amateur Freudianism, they could be interpreted as the work of a teenager which is important - a teenager who had no friends at school and whom others considered an eccentric, always sitting on the Internet by accepting his own physicality.

Another factor was also related to puberty, physicality, and sexuality that was discovered in oneself, which accelerated the Ivangai channel - its relationship with youtube colleague Maryana Rozhkova: by this time the audience had grown to the age when their own sexuality became a more important topic than video games. Of course, they met Ivangai on VKontakte. The most popular videos They recorded Rudsky together - the themes, in general, remained the same "Epic lost to the girl in Mortal Kombat" - again video gamesbut the appearance of a co-host turned both into superstars.

At the time of the beginning of the relationship, Mariana Roh did not have a million subscribers, now - about five million. Why did he defeat everyone? First, the point is authenticity: Ivangay does nothing that any other teenager could not do at a party.

There is not a drop of pride in him, but self-irony never disappears; every time it seems that it becomes boring, Rudskoy finds a new way to make fun of himself in this they are similar to Pudeepay - he also knows how to do everything so as to remain his own for the audience, despite the how much money does Iwangai make a month that Chelberg is in fact a millionaire superstar Secondly, all these personal qualities are combined with an inventive, directly innovative installation and dynamically developing action.

Personal life

And this is not a joke: in the video about throwing bottles, it is especially noticeable how each next frame increases the tension.

The emphasized senselessness of such experiments can be partially interpreted as a protest - not even against the adult world this would be a too flat explanationbut against total rationalization.

The feeling that life itself, action, movement and impulse, if not more valuable, then at least more humane than reflection, is characteristic of many adolescents. Adults teach this feeling of being ashamed of being "childish" and "irresponsible" - Ivangai, formally not being a rebel at all, does exactly the opposite.

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Nothing came of it. The advantages of the film, in general, ended with a successful metaphor of video blogging as a phenomenon - according to the plot, three heroes as a result of the actions of a hacker-hacker turn into their own animated avatars that fall into their laptops and cannot get out of there. Shortly after the premiere, he broke up with Mariyana Ro and began to slowly lose audience loyalty. In the latest clips of Ivangai, it has noticeably changed in a negative direction; There are also more and more abusive comments.

Despite the fact that the number of views for each of these videos remains unattainably high for most bloggers millionthey no longer become an event: inIvangay has not yet made a single video that would have collected more than 10 million views for the previous two years there were about a hundred.

Services on Demand

Ivangai has strong professional competitors working for an audience of senior school age. Ivangai himself, meanwhile, is clearly in how much money does Iwangai make a month kind of crisis. Those who used to play Minecraft together have now scattered into interest groups and rather look at Navalny about politics, Dudya about YouTube, the same BadComedian about cinema than Ivangaya, who, trying to remain universal, gives the impression of a person who is lost in a changed context.

A change of generations is taking place in Russian YouTube: for those thirteen-year-olds who are now discovering video blogs for the first time, Ivangay is not at all the same unconditional idol that he was for their peers two or three years ago. The audience of the service is changing and expanding both at the expense of very young children children's YouTube -and at the expense of adults who have always believed that YouTube is such an online library of videos, and now they have discovered a new and better TV in it.

In addition, do not forget about the classic scheme for pop culture, when a teenage superstar, having matured, is not so interesting to the audience - in order not to go far, you can recall at least the same Bieber and Acorn, judging by everything how much money does Iwangai make a month had passed their career peaks at seventeen.

By virtue of a paradigm shift, those techniques that were once the main resource of Ivangai's popularity are now perceived either as bad taste, or as just yesterday. Over the past month, only one video has been released on his channel. A parody of video blogs in "Evening Urgant" Evening Urgant The competition for attention on YouTube, which traditional media, large agencies and the state have finally paid attention to, will only increase.

In March, Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky held a meeting with several popular bloggers; judging by the composition of the invitees, the same producer Balkovsky was involved in organizing the event: almost the same composition of bloggers who were listed as exclusive partners of his agency on the official website came to the ministry.

The only exception is a few quite peaceful pictures in support of the Maidan how much money does Iwangai make a month on VKontakte in the winter of later Ivangay even deleted these postsand You are probably wondering who Ivangai is?! From an early age, the child showed interest in foreign languages, actively studied English.

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Vanya grew up with his younger sisters, mom and dad. In high school, the family moves to the Krivoy Rog district Ingulets village. Further, Ivan, again, differs among most peers, in the gymnasium where he studies - he is an excellent student.

After continuing his studies already at the university, leaving for the field of technical sciences Faculty of Mathematicsbut without completing his studies, he stops his studies and moves to Moscow.

Who is Ivangay: an idol of schoolchildren or a competent entrepreneur? Like Iwangai

Biography The beginning of the path of Ivangai was laid by the first video, which was called "Song of a nerd," where he performs a composition for a video sequence. At the beginning, reviews of games with comments, comments and general personal opinion are laid out on the channel. At that time, it was already a popular niche and soil for young YouTube. The youth is attracted to the audience by absolutely funky means, for example, singing songs in karaoke, recording reactions in web chats, making friends with the summer playlist, accepting and making challenges, answering questions from fans, showing tricks or joking with the camera.

Inshe takes part in the shooting of YouTube Rewind, where she becomes the winner of the Like award in the Like for Lifestyle nomination held as part of the Widfest festival. In Novemberthe number of subscribers to his channel exceeded 10 million people, as a result of which he became the owner of the highest award of YouTube - a diamond button. And the total number of views of his videos by this moment exceeded two billion. In Novemberthe number of people subscribing to his channel exceeded the mark of 10 million subscribers, and for Ivan, this meant that now he is the holder of the highest YouTube award - a diamond button.

Within one jar per day; Ivangai has a downed daily regimen. He can wake up in the afternoon, and fall asleep when it is already light outside; He is constantly in a hurry somewhere and in a hurry, he himself says that because of this habit he cannot enjoy games, because we go through everything as quickly as possible along the simplest storyline; The genre of "science fiction" for Rudsky is the best that you can read or watch; He does not understand people who watch TV.

For example, a broken mirror or salt scattered on the table; Films that can scare Vanya are films of the psychological trailer genre. For example, "Room " or "Island of the Damned", but not horrors, they make him laugh more than scare him; Ivangay was an active child in childhood, he was taken to concerts at which he soloed because of his high timbre.

He attended art school, music, judo.

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But at the same time he was the smallest among peers; He is very economical and does not like to spend money simply; Never did the homework that was asked at the school or institute; Ivangay believes that he does not have any complexes; He loves cars, but he has no rights, and he sat behind the wheel with power about 20 times; She loves to eat dumplings; He never had a fracture. The only thing that broke with him was his voice; He loves youtube.

Earning Everyone is interested in how much Ivangai earns, because he is recognized as one of the most popular and sought-after video bloggers of the Russian-speaking Internet. If we consider the data of VSP Stats for Aprilthe estimated monthly income of the famous blogger was approximately twenty thousand dollars.

Personal life InIvangai got a girl who is also a well-known video blogger - Mariana Roh. The couple looked harmoniously on the joint videos and in the eyes of the subscribers blossomed for a further joint and serious future, but at the end ofIvan Rudskoy broke up with Malyanaya Rozhkova Maryana Ro. What now connects Ivangaya and Mariana Ro is unknown.

how much money does Iwangai make a month

Criticism Ivangaya often criticized for his videos. The main shadowing is that its videos do not carry any semantic load. In his videos, Ivangay often jumps, turns around fooling around and grimacing in front of the camera, which brings a lot of fun to his fans, but Ivan does not offer anything of value in his commercials and it is impossible to make at least some intellectual benefit. According to the horoscope Ivangay, Capricorn was born on January 19, The young man is quite tall - cm, medium build, weight about 70 kg.

Ivan grew up a very versatile child. He studied well, had many hobbies from judo to vocals, was fond of art. As a child, he began to delve into the basic concepts of economics, psychology and marketing. In his free time, Vanya was fond of website design and created his own design pages at a basic level.

The beginning of a career on YouTube

At the age of 13, Rudskoy first met YouTube. The wave of popularity lifted Ivangai very high after the release of the summer play on the Minecraft game. By the end ofIvan was already celebrating the first million subscribers. Today, the number of spectators at Ivangai is close to 12 million. He glorified the girl throughout YouTube, they met for more than three years, but at the end of they divorced, which caused a storm of emotions among the subscribers of both teenagers. Ivan often appears not only on his channel, but also in other social networks: Hello everyone, dear readers and people interested in the topic of YouTube.

In this article, we will conduct some analytics of the earnings of the popular video blogger on YouTube - EeOneGuy. Ivangay is a young video blogger from Ukraine.

how much money does Iwangai make a month

To begin with, before we analyze how much this popular video blogger earns, let's figure out who he is. Safe ways to make money online will also give his brief biography and some interesting facts.

how much money does Iwangai make a month

Ivangay is the real name of Ivan Rudskoy. According to the questionnaire in VK on January 19, He is currently nineteen years old. Ivangay shoots various videos ranging from summer plays and ending with the usual vlogs, moments from life.

At the moment, about three million people have signed up. I think that we figured out Ivangai himself, now let's move on to the most interesting part - try to calculate how much Ivan makes.

Sources Before we try to determine how much, specifically, the hero of this article earns, let's decide and try to calculate the sources of earnings. How many of them?

After analyzing the channel, I came to the conclusion that there are two sources of income: So, we turn to the specifics - to the numbers. Amounts We came to the conclusion that Ivangai uses at least two sources of channel monetization.

Ivangai sells approximately 15 likes and comments per month. Please note that in addition to likes, Ivan also sells comments, so that the announced amount may be larger, but for maximum objectivity, the eighth figure is 45, Now we go to the service of counting the number of views and see how many views per day the Ivangai channel collects.

We see that the channel gains an average of one and a half million views per day. Total average monthly income of Ivangai is binary option rate. Important: I want to remind once again that all the presented analytics are based on public data. The announced amount may differ from the real amount. This is the end of this short article, I hope you have satisfied your curiosity and know how much such a popular YouTube video blogger Ivangai makes every month.

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