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The review below is no longer applicable and is presented for archive purposes only.

App Screenshots App Store Description Verum Option is the most innovative trading platform on the binary options market.

This broker appears to have won several awards, but they are all from very minor websites. They have one feature which is appealing, which is that you can trade on the site with very little money.

Conceivably, this could make it useful for training purposes. This is not a broker that I would recommend however in any other respect.


The website is poorly designed and contains a lot of pushy or misleading copy. Verum Option also offers very little in the way of useful trading features. Poor Site Design Before I talk about features, I want to discuss how poor the navigation is on the site.

Additionally, there is no way the right click and open these pages in new tabs, so you must constantly go back to the main page option binary code get to any of the other pages.

When I tried to open an account on the site, I encountered an error and was unable to progress any further.

Verum Option

This is not encouraging. Dubious Copy Another thing that bothers me about this site is that the copy is often misleading. To be fair, if you actually read what these are, it is clear that they are not actual regulatory certificates, and are offered through independent organizations.

But they are presented in such a way that this would be easy to miss if you were not in the know about how the binary options world works.

Cons — Relatively new broker The binary options broker called Verum Option was established to make trading in financial markets, the easiest, most convenient and profitable way to generate income. The founders of the company have taken into account the world experience and have created a company that fully meets the needs of both professional traders and beginners. Even if you are a beginner, you can immediately start to learn options trading in the real market, which is much easier and more efficient than a demo account. Verum Option Trading Platform Verum Option offers its clients a very convenient trading platform, which is available in two versions: PC web-platform it is not necessary to download and a mobile application.

The site also makes a number of questionable promises both through images and words. These are just a couple of examples.

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As you can see, there is really nothing strictly dishonest here, but this broker looks to be capitalizing on the ignorance of rookie traders who could use a little more guidance. This does not instill confidence. Few Features, Little Transparency When you open an account on Verum Option, there are no account types to choose from.

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Note that there is no actual demo account on the site. You can trade on your mobile device.

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Aside from that, features are quite limited. Double up and rollover are both available but early close is not.

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Social trading and an economic calendar are also offered. What about fees and withdrawal policies?

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The only account currency which appears glass options be available is US Dollar. You can deposit using credit or debit card, UnionPay, or Payboutique, but you may only withdraw using your card. Fees are mentioned rather nebulously on the terms and conditions page, but no dollar amounts are specified.

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Verum Option does not score high marks for transparency. On the bright side, there are more than assets available to trade, including currencies, commodities, stocks, and indices.

This is quite an ample selection.

Verum Option Broker Review

Lacking in Resources Verum Option supposedly offers an educational center, like most binary options brokers. This area on the site is not all that great, however, since it consists of little more than a few very basic pages about binary options trading, along with a set of video tutorials that introduce rookie traders to the concept of binary options and the platform, but do not actually delve much into the art of trading. As far as customer service goes, you can access the team through a web form, live chat, or telephone.

  • Tuesday, 4 Apr - pm VerumOption is a binary options brokerage company and is one of the world leaders in the market.
  • В своем изгнании он винил мстительных врагов.

No one was available at the live chat desk when I checked, but it was a Sunday, so I cannot draw any conclusion regarding the quality or availability of the mobile version verum option.

I am not encouraged however by the lack of transparency mobile version verum option the site. Good customer service starts with strong site design and an abundance of resources which are readily accessible. All in all, I was quite unimpressed by Verum Option.

Earnings Olymp Trade is your binary options broker. It is, albeit a very young, but ambitious and rapidly developing binary options broker. It has been mentioned more and more on trader forums in recent months, and in a positive way. We decided to test verumOption official website and do detailed review broker. What immediately catches your eye - the creators thoroughly and for a long time prepared for the launch of their project, having worked out everything to the smallest detail.

I cannot say with any certainty that this is a worthless site, and I actually think it could work well if you are looking for an alternative to a demo account before you fund a real account at some other broker site with a substantial sum of money.

You could practice trading with just a few dollars and get a feel for the experience. Further than that, I would recommend avoiding Verum Option.

Olymp Trade is your binary options broker. Verum Option - CFD contracts and cryptocurrency trading

Whoever put this site together left in a state where it feels largely unfinished. This broker appears to be out to make a quick buck by preying on novices who have been mislead into thinking that trading is easy.

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