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What is binary options in simple words. Binary option financial definition of Binary option

On April 11,Revell walked up to a Las Vegas roulette table and placed his entire fortune on the color red. In American roulette, 18 slots are red with odd numbers, and 18 slots are black with even numbers.

Binary option

Winning or losing is based upon the slot in which the ball finally comes to rest. The odds of picking the correct color are 38 to 18, or Fortunately for him, the call came to rest on a red pocket.

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Easy to understand, the more popular binary options provide almost instantaneous feedback and gratification. Binary options do not require ownership of the underlying asset, being simply wagers about price direction within a set time. Binary options were first traded in the U. Today, binary options in the U.

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Though a wide range of assets are tradeable on regulated exchanges in the U. Binary options are traded on exchanges and over-the-counter OTC around the world, including the United States.

In the U. The ability to purchase a binary option on an individual stock is not available on a U. However, foreign brokers generally offer options on individual securities of large corporations such as Google and Apple.

The term is the period of time between the purchase date and time of the option and the expiration date and time that the option becomes void and ceases to trade expiration date. Binary options generally have terms shorter than traditional options, such as 60 seconds, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, binex demo account minutes, one hour, and one week.

What You Need To Know About Binary Options Outside the U.S

Owners of an American binary option can sell their option at any time before expiration. In other words, if the price moves in the direction expected by the option holder before the option expires, they could close the trade by selling their option, since there is no additional financial benefit to continuing to hold the option and exposing the holder to the risk that the price would reverse.

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Strike Price The strike price on the binary option is the price that determines whether the option is in the money a winning trade at expiration. Traders can select a range of strike prices equal to, above, or below the market price at the time of the trade. Price Direction Binary option prices reflect investor sentiment about the direction of the price of the underlying asset during the option term. The profit potential is the difference between the cost of their positions and the payout, and investors can place a trade that pays out if the underlying increases, just as they can place a trade that pays out if the underlying decreases.

Purchasers of binary options on the CX or Nadex can close their positions at any time prior to expiration by selling their options. However, due to the short duration of most trades one-hour options being the most popular duration, followed by minute durationsmany traders do not close their positions prior to expiration.

How binary options trading works

When the option expires, the exchange in the U. Bid and Offer Prices Traders buy or sell binary options based upon the bid and offer price quoted at the time what is binary options in simple words the trade. Exchanges: The bid and offer prices on a U. The same process works with offer prices, as the investor who is willing to sell for the lowest price has priority over those whose price is higher. All trades on a U.

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Exchange are between an independent buyer and seller, with the Exchange facilitating the trade and collecting a fee for its services from the winning side. Unlike U. The payout is effectively all or nothing. If you are wrong, you lose all of your investment. Bid and offer prices will continue to fluctuate until the option expires. Traders of U.

Binary Options

Some foreign brokers may allow exercise before expiration as well. However, in those cases, profit and loss will be determined by the difference between the cost of the option and the proceeds of a sale of the options at that time, rather than the contract value. The price paid for the option affects the percentage return or lost on the trade is illustrated by the following basic example without considering the spread.

A buyer of a Nadex binary believes the price will increase above the strike.

Binary Option

A seller, however, believes the price will be below the strike price at expiration. There is no additional charge for the number of contracts greater than Buyers and sellers pay the fee when opening the trade.

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The fee is also paid if the option is exercised before the expiration date. Since most foreign brokers pay a discounted value of the contract to winning traders, there are typically minimal or no fees to open an account or trade binary options. American Exchange-Traded vs. European Broker Binary Options While there are similarities between binary options traded in the United States and those traded off-shore, there are substantial differences that affect binary option traders.

American Binary Options The bulk of binary options trades in the U. The difference in contract value is not representative of a benefit of either one over the other.

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In effect, customers of Nadex or CX become members of the respective exchange. What is binary options in simple words are guaranteed by the exchanges requiring cash deposits before accepting any trade.

European Binary Options Americans can also trade binary options through a foreign account with an SEC-registered broker. While it is technically legal for a U.

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Americans wishing to trade in binary options on individual stocks would need to open an account with a foreign broker. According to BinaryTrading. Established inthis broker offers binary options on individual stocks of large established international companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Tata Motors, and Citistock indices, currencies, and commodities. Finpari charges no commissions or other expenses. European binary options have the following characteristics: Available for a broader range of underlying asset types including individual stocks, as well as multiple strike prices and durations.

Have a fixed payout that is a percentage of the contract value, rather than full value. Bid and offer prices are established by the broker or market maker, rather than the auction process between buyers and sellers on a U.

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  • Regulation and fraud[ edit ] Further information: Securities fraud Many binary option "brokers" have been exposed as fraudulent operations.
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This is so that they always make sure that more people are losing than winning on their platform and that losers lose enough to pay out the winners. Nadex and CX only accept deposits in the form of bank transfers, checks, and debit cards, thus prohibiting any leverage borrowing on binary option accounts. Advantages of Binary Options Advocates of binary options trading — most of which are brokers or advisory firms serving binary option traders — claim some advantages for the vehicle when compared to other investments.

These include the following: High Return on Investment Potential.

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Known Risk and Reward.