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ET has reviewed a copy of the petition. Tata Tele has exited the industry by selling its consumer mobility business to Airtel.

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To be sure, the three-judge bench headed by Justice Arun Mishra, now retired, had rejected any move by the telcos to reassess the dues on their own. Airtel now owes the government almost Rs 26, crore more, and Vi has about Rs 50, crore in AGR dues to be paid in 10 equal annual instalments through March 31, Airtel has so far paid over Rs 18, crore of its dues and Vi has paid Rs 7, crore.

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For the two loss-making operators, Airtel and Vi, a reduction in their AGR dues is crucial since they need to buy spectrum in an auction slated for March and expand their 4G networks to take on market leader Reliance Jio, analysts said. The erstwhile flourished industry narrowed to a handful of players with opening up new challenging frontiers for the sector.

The total amount that DoT asserted as due including the principal, penalty and interest on penalty worked out to be a massive Rs 1.

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What followed was a round of petitions filed in the Supreme court praying for relief in some form amidst the head honchos of Birla group and Vodafone Plc denying any help to take the two telecom giants out of the plunge.

The Investments at a percentage of the Internet recall in November, in what was seen as a measure to allay concerns, deferred spectrum charges due in FY and for two years easing off the telcos immediate cash crunch woes.

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Industry experts and bodies green signalled the move saying that it is an affirmative step towards improvement in the operating metrics of the industry and could help the telcos close gaps in their balance sheets. The impact of these remedial measures, however will unfold only in quarterly results ending Marchprior to which, January 23 deadline for AGR dues still continues to loom over with no relief in sight.

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While the experts have opined, could also see a potential fall in mobile user base as many users seek SIM consolidation and opt for a single mobile connection owing to higher tariffs and costlier minimum recharge plans.

The regulator in had proposed to kickstart BAK bill and keep system from January where the call generating telco as proposed would keep the amount instead of paying it.

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The deferment has been welcomed by older carriers Vodafone Idea and Bharti Airtel as they are net interconnect revenue earners given most Jio calls end on their networks which makes the latter a net payer. By putting off the immediate January date set for scrapping the regime, by a year, Trai, for now has enabled the two saddled operators to continue earning some streams of cash flows.

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In October, the centre approved a Rs 70, crore revival plan devising BSNL and MTNL to be merged along with other significant measures like allocation of 4G airwaves, asset monetisation worth Rs 38, crore, Rs 15, crore worth of sovereign bonds and voluntary retirement scheme for the combined 2 lakh employees that will save about Rs how to make money on the Internet on PR, crore in wage bills for the two state majors.

However, the revival package itself does not seem enough to assuage concerns that arise on the implementation front. While the industry has been in conflict with the government over what it contends as high pricing and scanty availability of the spectrum in the 3.

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Even though Airtel, Vodafone Idea, Jio and BSNL submitted applications to conduct field trials with DoT on January 15, industry experts still see 5G coming to India by since telcos having their balance sheets badly bruised investments at a percentage of the Internet recall monetary headroom to bid for the final auctions.

In contrast, just two days before the new year, on December 30, the government allowed Chinese player Huawei read all vendors to conduct field trials in partnership with the telecom players. India, however, finally took a position on the issue as it juggles indicators for strategy price action maintain strategic balance with two of its major trade partners--China and the US.

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Airtel and VIL have said they are likely to file curative petitions with January 23 due date impending in sight. The rejection to extend any help to carriers could potentially lead to a two player industry, analysts believe.

Tariff revisions are believed to take the sector towards recovery, however, more clarity on where exactly the industry will be headed to will come post January 23 deadline of paying AGR compensation. Additionally, ahead of the Union budget coming on February 1, the industry which is being weighed down by multiple taxes and levies has reportedly asked the government for aid in the form of reduction of regulatory levies, taxes and license fees with lower interest rates to access credit.

Demands for removal of GST from license fee and spectrum usage charges have also been made.