50 Tips from Experts on Ways to Make Money Traveling

How they make money abroad

Chances are that these very thoughts have indeed crossed your mind they cross all of our minds at some point!

how they make money abroad

But yesterday I realized that I should probably back up that claim with some actual examples. I want to help you answer those questions above.

Are you ready?

How To Travel The World And Make Money

You just need to be a native speaker. Check out eslcafe. Sell Timeshares — If you were born to be a salesperson, then head to Greece, Thailand, Mexico, the Caribbean or any other major resort area and you can find work selling timeshares. These resorts want salespeople who open an account binary options relate to their potential customers, so they prefer to have Americans selling to Americans, Italians selling to Italians and so on.

The earning potential is huge in this line of work.

How to Make Money While Traveling Long-Term

Work in a Hostel — Hostels are often looking for new staff who are willing to work some hours each day, either at reception or cleaning or maybe both, in exchange for a free bed each night. Not a bad way to save money at all. Online Freelance Work — Whether you have a background or interest in web design, programming, illustration, writing, marketing, consulting, legal work, engineering or able to do any type of admin work, you should definitely look at websites such as Elance.

how they make money abroad

These are platforms that connect freelancers with people and companies who need work done. Even if your background is in something else, have a look anyway as there is freelance work to be found in dozens of different fields. I once acted in an Indian daytime drama!

22 Easy Ways To Earn Money Abroad

I also know people who have done the same in Kenya and earned very good money. It allows you stay in a country for up to one year and in some cases, to apply for and work in any position you want.

Earning money while on the road will give you an opportunity to travel longer and experience more things along the way. With access to the Internet almost everywhere, it has become easier for travelers to earn money while seeing the world.

Yes, it is a sweet deal and one incredible way to earn an income while being overseas. Fruit-Picking — Get out into the sun, grab a basket and start picking fruit.

5 Easy Ways to Make Money Travelling

Whatever your interest may be, that might be the kind of blog you should start. There are always opportunities to earn some money no matter what you choose to focus on. Affiliate Marketing — Making money this way is definitely possible even though the competition can be high. Selling Goods Online — Found some cool product that you think others would be interested how they make money abroad Have your own handmade product you want to sell?

You could set up a website or how they make money abroad shop on eBay or any other type of online sales outlet and start selling. Day-Trading — It may not be for everyone, but there are people out there earning a living and traveling as a result of their day trading efforts. One in particular is Marcello from WanderingTrader.

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  • Freelancing There are plenty of sites out there where you can sell your services as a writer, social media manager, content creator, data entry specialist, virtual assistant — and many more besides.
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I know many people who just hop around from house-sitting gig to house-sitting gig, essentially avoiding accommodation expenses for years. Gigs can be one week, one month, one year or anything in between. Perhaps your position allows you to work remotely and all you need to do is speak with your boss in order to make the adjustment. Haircuts — Choose a popular hostel, put up a sign ask first!

She would cut hair for a month, then travel for a month and repeat.

Work Remotely Online from Anywhere: How to Make Money Living Abroad (\u0026 Start BEFORE You Leave Home)

Not bad at all. Massages — Follow the same idea as above but offer massages instead!

how they make money abroad

Bars connected to hostels are often your best bet. Website Design — Know how to build simple websites, or even more complex ones?

42 Ways You Can Make Money and Travel the World

Staying at a hostel in Turkey that has a crappy website? And this can be done anywhere. Thanks to WordPress, this is not only financially viable but also easy to do. All you need is WordPress and a good WordPress theme. They also look better and more professional than free themes, which gives you the ability to raise your rates since the sites you create will look just as good as if a team of designers and developers made them.