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Image Source Are you frusted of using different formation in Top Eleven and not getting satisfactory results? Are you in search of a stable formation for your team? If yes, then you are in the right place.

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Top eleven gives us the flexibility to use several numbers of formations although only a few of them work effectively. Now the selection of a formation depends on the opposition's formation and quality and accordingly you can choose formations to counter them.

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So making your squad versatile might prove costly as buying players with multiple positions or buying players from all positions is tough due to the busy transfer market. So it is hard to have decent players for all positions. So how to choose that default formation?

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To answer this demo trading account we have to look around the recent popular formations in top eleven that the successful managers are using and are working these days. From various feedback and discussions, we found three formations that are giving satisfactory results and successful managers are using them now a days, which I am going to discuss one by one.

Top Eleven Counter Formation

It gives more attacking opportunities 3 This is a very attacking formation which can rip the opponent apart. However, if you are facing a stronger opponent or the opponent manager is playing with 2 ST it is recommended that you use the above two formations rather using this.

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