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Bitcoin from scratch. Programming Bitcoin


    Finding material that goes beyond an bitcoin from scratch deep is even more difficult. Jimmy has captured the material he teaches in his Programming Blockchain seminar, into a comprehensive exploration of Bitcoin programming fundamentals.

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    He makes each topic very approachable by using Python and Jupyter notebooks as well as providing all of the tests to the underlying code. The Table of Contents alone is invaluable as a syllabus or guide to traversing the diverse concepts necessary to understanding Bitcoin.

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    I highly recommend this book for those programmers who want an understanding of this fascinating protocol. As a university graduate, this is a perfect book for someone who wants to dive deeper into bitcoin. Goes mathematical perspective all the way from ECC, groups all the way through creating custom complex transactions exercises.

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    In contrast with Andrea's book, this one is more technical and addresses things at a code level. Highly recommend if you want to dive deeper into bitcoin from a technical perspective.

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    Nothing comes close. Jimmy's book is currently the best technical resource available to learn how to implement bitcoin ground up. This book is not only a great explanation about how to understand the Bitcoin protocol but it is more than that, through the guidance of Jimmy the reader visualize the things that are possible to accomplish with the Bitcoin technology.

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    The method used in the book reflects the method used in his classes around the world, experimenting step by step the building blocks of Bitcoin technology, until having a fully working library that interacts with the real network.

    For a Precise, Didactic, and Clear. For anyone that wants to learn more about the foundations of the Bitcoin I recommend this book!

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