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Internet earnings with payment after the first earnings. How to Report Work and Wages

With your consent, we'll get your earnings information directly from Inland Revenue and your employer.

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This is to establish if you're eligible — and how much to pay you in weekly compensation. We'll let you know our decision We'll be in touch and let you know if we've accepted your application. How fast we process this depends on the time it takes to get the details we need from your employer and Inland Revenue.

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If you talk to us directly, we may be able to speed up this process. If you disagree with the decision, find out what your next steps are and how to get a review.

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When you work reduced hours or alternative duties while recovering from your injury, your employer can pay you for the productive hours you work. Getting paid in the first week We'll start paying you after we've accepted your claim and established your eligibility for weekly compensation.

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Depending on your situation and claim we may start paying you immediately. Otherwise, payments will start after a week. Receiving your weekly payments We'll pay your compensation every week, so this may be different from your normal pay cycle.

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Any tax will come out of your payments internet earnings with payment after the first earnings they do with your normal wages. Talk to your recovery team if you want to set up KiwiSaver contributions on your payments.

If your payment is late If your payment falls on or around a public holiday, we'll try to pay you earlier.

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Sometimes your payment can take days to process, depending on your bank. If you haven't received a payment you were expecting and need this urgently, get in touch.

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How we calculate your payments In the first four weeks of your incapacity We calculate how much we'll pay based on your earnings in the four weeks before your injury prevented you from being able to work.

For casual or non-permanent employees : we base our calculation on all PAYE earnings in the last year. For PAYE shareholder-employees — we compare your shareholder earnings in the last year with your shareholder earnings over the financial year before you were injured.

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Minimum and maximum rates of compensation The rate of compensation we can provide is set in 'The Accident Compensation Act ' and depend on your personal circumstance and income. You only pay levies from, and up to, a certain amount. This means you can only get weekly compensation on the income that you pay levies on.

January 5, at a. By Katie Lobosco CNN A second round of stimulus payments are on the way and many eligible families are expected to receive the money this month. The first payments started going out on December 29 and will continue to be sent through January Many of the same people will receive the money again, but there are some small eligibility differences.

We set minimum and maximum levels of liable income on 1 July each year. Find out more about how we calculate levies.


We can make advance weekly payments until these details are available. If you were an employee within the last year, we will consider these earnings as part of your overall calculation.

Tracking the progress of your payments

If you have a qualifying Cover Plus Extra policy, we'll pay based on the agreed amount of cover offered under that policy. We can include employee earnings from any current employments that qualify for inclusion. Check if superannuation or income support affects your payments If you're receiving New Zealand Superannuation or support from Work and Income New Zealand, this may affect your weekly compensation payments.

Get in touch with our claims team to find out more. This tells you how much you owe and when you need to pay it back by.

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We don't charge any credit cards fees. You could be eligible if: you've turned 18 you were injured before you turned 18 or injured after turning 18 but you've been in full-time study or training you can't work because of your injury for six months or more you're no longer in full-time study or training you're earning or already getting weekly compensation but it's less than what we'd pay for loss of potential earnings.

Applying for loss of potential earnings To apply, talk to your recovery team or get in touch.

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We'll send you the forms you need to complete and talk you through the process. Contact us If you want to know more about how we can help, talk to your recovery team or contact our claims team.