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Earnings on investing on the Internet. Internet Thailand PCL (INET)

The Bottom Line You can't do much in the stock market without understanding earnings.

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Everybody from CEOs to research analysts is obsessed with this often-quoted number. But what exactly do earnings represent?

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Why do they attract so much attention? We'll answer these questions and more in this primer earnings on investing on the Internet earnings. Key Takeaways A company's earnings are its after-tax net income, or profits, in a given quarter or fiscal year. Earnings are crucial when assessing a company's profitability and are a major factor in determining a company's stock price.

earnings on investing on the Internet

Earnings per share EPS is a company's net income or earnings divided by the number of common shares outstanding. EPS shows how much a company earns for each share, with a higher EPS indicating the stock has a higher value when compared to others in its industry. Corporations are required to report quarterly results, but EPS paypal how to make money in to get the most attention from investors, particularly when the EPS either beats, matches, or misses what stock analysts had been forecasting.

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What Are Earnings? A company's earnings are, quite simply, its profits.

earnings on investing on the Internet

Take a company's revenue from selling something, subtract all the costs to produce that product, and, voila, you have earnings! Of course, the details of accounting get a lot earnings on investing on the Internet complicated, but earnings always refer to how much money a company makes minus costs.

Its many synonyms cause part of the confusion associated with earnings. The terms profit, net incomebottom lineand earnings all refer to the same thing.

Internet Thailand PCL (INET)

Whether you call it earnings, net income, profits, or the bottom line, you're still looking at the same metric—what a company earns minus costs. Earnings Per Share To compare the earnings of different companies, investors and analysts often use the ratio earnings per share EPS.

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To calculate EPS, take the earnings left over for shareholders and divide by the number of shares outstanding. You can think of EPS as a per-capita way of describing earnings.

earnings on investing on the Internet

Because every company has a different number of shares owned by the public, comparing only companies' earnings figures does not indicate how much money each company made for each of its shares, so we need EPS to make valid comparisons. For example, take two companies: ABC Corp.

earnings on investing on the Internet

ABC Corp. Earnings Season Earnings season is the Wall Street equivalent of a school report card.

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It happens four times per year; publicly traded companies in the U. Most companies follow the calendar year for reporting, but they do have the option of reporting based on their own fiscal calendars.

Although it is important to remember that investors look at all financial results, you might have guessed that earnings or EPS are the most important number released during earnings season, attracting the most attention and media coverage. Before earnings reports come out, stock analysts issue earnings estimates an estimate of the number they think earnings will hit.

Research firms then compile these forecasts into the "consensus earnings estimate.

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If a company releases earnings below these estimates, it is said to disappoint, and the price typically moves lower. All this makes it hard to try to guess how a stock will move during earnings season: it's all about expectations.

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Why Care About Earnings? Investors care about earnings because they ultimately drive stock prices. Strong earnings generally result in the stock price moving up and vice versa. Sometimes a company with a rocketing stock price might not be making much money, but the rising price means that investors are hoping that the company will be profitable in the future.

earnings on investing on the Internet

Of course, there are no guarantees that the company will fulfill investors' current expectations. The dotcom boom and bust is a perfect example of company earnings coming in significantly short of the numbers investors imagined.

When the boom started, everybody got excited about the prospects for any company involved in the Internet, and stock prices soared.

earnings on investing on the Internet

Over time, it became clear that the dotcoms weren't going to make nearly as much money as many had predicted. It simply wasn't possible for the market to support these companies' high valuations without any earnings; as a result, the stock prices of these companies collapsed.

When a company is making money, it has two options. First, it can improve its products and develop new ones.