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These sites allow you to sell all kinds of artworks, from illustrations, character designs, logo designs, mascots, icon packs, along with various other types of graphics and templates.

The key to making many sales is to find a profitable niche. Visit those platforms and see what types of illustrations and vectors are selling like hot cake.

internet earnings input characters

And figure out a way you can contribute to those categories with even better illustrations. Although, in order to sell your art as posters and canvas prints, you need to build some reputation and promote your work online to attract an audience.

internet earnings input characters

Many artists use DeviantArt to sell posters while promoting their work using the same platform. You can also use other sites such as Society6 and Printfulwhich handle all the heavy work, including printing the internet earnings input characters and shipping to buyers. Not really!

internet earnings input characters

You can actually design your own T-Shirts using your own illustrations and sell them online without even having to touch a T-Shirt. This works the same as selling posters.

internet earnings input characters

Sites like Printful, RedBubbleand Design By Humans allows you to upload your art and use them to design products like T-Shirts, mugs, and phone cases. Then the sites promote your work and give you a percentage of each sale. Just a quick search on Twitter is all it takes for you to find a gig.

How you fill out this form is crucial, for 2 reasons:

Instagram is the other platform you should be using regularly. Use it to upload your best work and also to promote your services My sister is also an illustrator.

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She gets most of her clients from her Instagram page. Whenever someone sends her a request, she redirects them to her DeviantArt commissions page. Most of her clients are the people who are looking for character designs and create cartoon versions of themselves.

internet earnings input characters

Plus, if you manage to win a contest, you can always use it as bragging rights as well. Try looking for contests in these sites.