50 Tips from Experts on Ways to Make Money Traveling

Make money on the road

But you have an option. You can make money as you travel and recoup at least some of the cost of the trip. Yes, there are a number of ways to make money as you travel whether your travel is short-term or long-term. Below you'll first find ideas for short-term travelers. All of these can be added to the list below that has ideas more appropriate for long-term travelers. I hope these tips help everyone travel longer, farther, and more often.

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The sharing economy has created many opportunities for people to earn money. Renting your apartment or house on Airbnb while you're away could earn you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. NOTE: Make sure you have a reliable friend or family member ready to receive your guests, answer their questions, and deal with any issues in your absence. Be sure to stay up-to-date on policy changes made by these companies. Get paid to drive to your destination.

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Cars and trucks are moved around North America by independent contractors, people like you and me, all the time. In some cases, your costs are covered; in others you actually make money. It's luck of the draw as to whether the destination of the car is of interest to you but it is a great way to save on travel and possibly make some money as well.

In Canada, see Canada Driveaway.

The Ultimate Guide on How to Make Money on the Road

In the United States, see Auto Driveaway. Get paid for your road trip. This is cool and if it was in Canada I would definitely do it.

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With Roadie you can be a courier for packages from one part of the US to another. There are local gigs that's what they call a trip and long-distance ones. If I were to do it I'd let the delivery gigs plan my trip. There are various security checks involved for both drivers and clients. Rent your car while you're out of town. Turo is a car sharing site in the way that Airbnb is a home sharing site.

Unless you're on a road trip, your car will be sitting idle while make money on the road gone. Or bring your own commercial rental insurance and take a bigger piece of the pie. In a safe public square show off your musical talent or perform an exquisite poem by heart.

12 Ways to Make Money as You Travel: Long and Short-term

You don't need a large repertoire as people move along all the time. In a good location, you can make some decent coin to cover travel expenses and also meet some pretty interesting people. Just be sure to make money on the road out any local regulations that apply. You don't want a ticket eating into your profits.

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Sell cool stuff you find on your travels. Are you a shopper? Are you good at marketing things you love? The money comes to you after your trip but it's still money earned from your trip! Make Money On the Road Long-term Everyone has different skills and talents so not every option will be of interest to everyone.

Create your own online courses Online course creation can be a lucrative van life job if done right. Think about your expertise and what you can teach people. Other people have courses in subjects as diverse as RV Maintenance, calligraphy, and even cookie design.

However, have a look. There are a variety of ways to earn money as you travel long-term. Work at a hostel. Hostels are often staffed by travelers.

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Consequently, they are often looking for staff. The pay won't be tops but you will get a room as well. Sell your talent online. It's amazing what people will sell. If you can edit video or do web design you'll do well. But even if you have only one talent, impersonating one celebrity, you'll likely get gigs recording a phone message in that voice. Or if, like one guy I've seen, you have a puppet, you could produce a video message with your puppet.

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The options are endless. Freelance from the road.

The Ultimate Guide on How to Make Money on the Road | Fulltime Families

Upwork helps you find freelance work — all kinds of freelance work. There's everything from acting as a virtual assistant to doing bookkeeping, customer support, web design, and writing. These are freelance jobs you can pick up along the way. Tutor or teach English as a second language.

At the campground I am currently at there are four RVers who telecommute to their jobs Monday through Friday. Sometimes your employer may allow you to take your current position and make it a remote one. Other times, you may have to search for telecommute positions. These jobs do exist and are growing in numbers. Check job boards at campgrounds One great way to learn how to make money living on the road is to check job boards at campgrounds.