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The EU wants to prevent the UK from embarking on supply side to boost its competitiveness and lift chronically poor growth. To my knowledge, no other country has so constrained itself this way in an international treaty.

  • There is a No Deal Option – Its Called the EEA
  • Posted by Pete Stolcers on December 4, Option Trading Question I have heard people say they got a 'good deal' on an option price or that an option is overpriced
  • Reality Check image copyrightGetty Images With time running out for the UK and EU to reach a trade agreement - and with the prospect of no deal looming - the government has been talking about an "Australian-style" relationship with the EU in the future.

It would see a Foreign Office lawyer in every Whitehall discussion on any supply side reform warning that Brussels might Fibonacci fan and trend lines the whistle under the terms of EU partnership treaty.

If the UK had been subject to such foreign interference in domestic economic policy, much of the supply side reforms of the s and s, particularly of the labour market, would have been still born. The clock is ticking and gambolling towards a cliff edge is politically problematic.

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In fact, this is untrue. If Eurosceptic opponents of the Chequers Plan realised it, there is a temporary port in the storm.

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The Prime Minister was not being truthful. The agreement itself would need only minor textual changes, but under international law, there is no basis for the EU to resist those adjustments.

Were it to do so, it would expose its bad faith in the negotiations and show its contempt for international law.

  • Which Ticket Option Is The Best Deal? ‹ OpenCurriculum
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Defaulting to the EEA as the no deal backstop has two big benefits. First, it hits the reset button on the Article 50 and future partnership negotiations. The promised money the UK was going to pay comes off the table, as does the wretched paragraph 49 of the Interim Agreement on the Irish border.

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The second advantage is it gives the UK unlimited breathing space to get its act together. Better to be sure to be out of the EU what is a deal option 29 March next year than let Brexit paralysis take hold and conceivably see an indefinite extension of Article Prudence would suggest taking advantage of the EEA safe harbour, enabling the Tories to regroup under a new leader to fight another day — after the next election on the basis of a proper mandate with a properly thought out plan.

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Generally, the EEA gets a bad rap from Eurosceptics. It is far superior to the transition period negotiated by the Government.

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But then there is no solution that satisfies its terms. But, for many, free movement is the EEA killer. As Wolfgang Munchau explains in the FT July 16thfor Brussels, freedom of movement is not based on economic reasoning and is not necessary for a customs union or frictionless trade.

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Defaulting to the EEA is not a betrayal of the referendum or the Brexit promises contained in the Conservative party manifesto. On the contrary, it provides the best path to delivering them. A PM who has invested so much political capital in pursuit of a deep and special relationship will find it hard to concede that the whole effort has been an embarrassing waste of time.