Making Money Designing Themes: What You Should Know

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Today many of the top bloggers have created their blog monetization strategy around affiliate marketing. Gone are the days, when monetization of the blog was totally dependent on Adsense or ad networks.

Making Money Designing Themes: What You Should Know

Due to ad blockers, the Adsense revenue of blogs is adversely affected. Well, there are ways to stop ad blocker from reducing our Adsense income. But people move to a better way of monetization which is affiliate marketing.

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Affiliate marketing is referral marketing with a little twist. In affiliate marketing, you get a small amount of commission make money themes anybody buys a product from your mentioned links.

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These networks help you to monetize your content with help of affiliate marketing. There are many products which are listed on these affiliate networks.

You can select a product related to your niche and start promoting.

Free MakeMoney Wordpress theme

To get a glimpse of affiliate marketing, have a look at the monthly revenue of some of the top bloggers like Pat Flynn, Spencer Haws, and Harsh Aggarwal. I bet, you will be taken aback by their per month income, which is only from affiliate marketing. If you are reading this article that means you are looking for some amazing money making affiliate WordPress themes.

The themes mentioned in the list below are some of the best affiliate marketing WordPress themes. These money making affiliate WordPress themes will help you to get more clicks and increase your website conversion rate.

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These are the best affiliate marketing themes; you can get for better affiliate marketing earning and better affiliate performance. Below is the list of 10 best affiliate marketing WordPress themes.

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If you have a Broad niche with too many products then this is the best WordPress theme for you. I fell in love with the clean design of the theme.

The emergence of the new forms of communication in the virtual area gave rise to new perspectives for advertising businesses online.

As they say, the first impression is the last impression. You are definitely going to make an awesome first impression with the Kupon theme. The themes beautiful look is basically due to the use of a bootstrap framework.

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The kupon theme is designed to increase your affiliate income since the theme is designed keeping visitors conversion in mind. Rehub has a good design, clean and a responsive affiliate WordPress theme. The ReHub theme would be more suitable with the Amazon affiliate.

If you are promoting Amazon related products then ReHub make money themes is the best application for creating programs of trading robots you can get.

To have a Amazon niche based on electronic device is more make money themes. The themes looks are more like an e-commerce store. The Price compare theme is perfectly mobile optimized. The WordPress theme magnet option be used for creating product comparison based websites, where you can add affiliate links from various shopping sites like Flipkart and Amazon and the visitors can compare price and buy stuff accordingly.

This theme would be the best example of shopping site with recurring affiliate income.

10 Best Money Making Affiliate WordPress Themes

You only need to add new stuff products and then links them to various online shopping website using your affiliate links. In my personal blog, I use the socialMe theme by my theme shop. MTS recently came up with the new coupon theme which is pretty amazing. I already had my hands on the theme and working with it on some of my niche sites.

So far, no complaints by my side. I like MTS themes because firstly, they are lightweight so takes less time to load and all themes are perfectly SEO optimized.

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If you are a beginner in affiliate marketing, then this is the theme you should be using. Coupon sites are the most radical market today. You can use the affiliate marketing links in the coupon website and make a good amount of make money themes. Coupon code website is in huge demand and this theme is perfect for your need. You can use the combination of affiliate marketing and coupons to make the most of this coupon WordPress theme. One of the make money themes ways to do affiliate marketing with these niche is using the ultimate splash theme by Mythemeshop.

The best thing about splash is that this one theme has many possibilities. You can create a food review site, gaming reviews, movie, sports, pets etc. It comes in my list of top 5 of the best affiliate marketing WordPress theme. By the way, all the MTS themes are having multiple layouts. They create themes keeping different niches in mind.

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The plugin will help you to create your own affiliate store and start making money from it. With a fresh design and being mobile optimized, it is a perfect fit for affiliate marketing. The theme is more suitable to experienced affiliate marketers. With available options to integrate with Woo commerce, you can also sell downloadable stuff with this theme. You can then structure it further to formal clothing, sports, casuals and more.

These days, it really is possible for top developers to earn six- or even seven-figures a year by selling their premium themes and plugins. This has led to a surge of new products hitting the market, with lots of new developers looking for their piece of the pie.

Many bloggers create a blog for a particular event and promote different offer and deals for that event. Event blogs like the one for black Friday and cyber Monday are good to go with Couponize theme.

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Couponize theme is responsive for mobile devices and has a clean look make money themes both desktop and smartphone. Couponize is a great pick for event affiliate marketing, basically when you are promoting products for a shorter period of time. The theme is specially designed for digital goods niche. You can sell your own goods here as well.

These are my views on the best affiliate marketing WordPress theme. These affiliate marketing WordPress themes listed above are in my opinion the best WordPress theme available out there for affiliate marketers.

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My pick for top 3 from the list would be ReHub, Coupon theme from Mythemeshop and kingdom for amazon affiliate. What do you think about my list of best money making affiliate WordPress themes?

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