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How fast can you make money, Make Money Writing: How Fast Can You Cash In on Freelancing? - Make a Living Writing

Watch out for scams

Carol Tice 9 Comments Lately it seems like everyone I meet is in a hurry to make money writing. Are you looking for a quick way to make money writing?

From online poker to selling your collection of Beanie Babies, there are lots of popular get-rich-quick, money-making ideas that always pop up. Do they work? Not really.

Another person told me she quit her six-figure corporate job after her boss refused to give her leave time to care for a dying parent. With no plan for what to do next, and apparently, no savings.

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Now, she had discovered freelance writing and wanted to know if she could replace that fat income and make money writing. Like, now.

More ways to make money fast

How long will it take to make money writing? Anyone who is getting into freelance writing because they think it is a magical instant cash machine, turn back now.

If you love to write, are willing to write a lot and keep improving, and are willing to write for others about what their audience needs to know — as opposed to whatever you feel like writing about this morning — then this can be a great career for you.

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You can earn well at it, but it will generally take time to get there. How fast you can ramp this is going to depend a lot on you.


A few questions to ask yourself: Have you run a solo business before? Do you have a writing portfolio from your day gig or maybe past freelancing that you could put together on a writer website to impress prospects?

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How aggressively are you willing to market yourself? Do you have any past editors or marketing managers who might help you with referrals? How much free time can you devote to this? How open are you to getting some training in writing or marketing that might provide a shortcut to earning faster?

How long can you survive on your savings before you will be desperate and have to take any gig i.

How to make money online and offline

Would you be willing to work some kind of side job or liquidate assets to support your freelance dreams? I know writers who variously pumped gas and worked as a bar back while they were getting established.

For instance: I left 12 years of staff writing jobs to freelance inand I had run a home-based freelance business before as a script typist. It still took about six months of aggressively beating the street talking to prospects to find how fast can you make money clients and replace my income.

I was lucky to have a modest severance check and unemployment checks to help me get over the hump.

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We also had a good credit rating and access to more money if we needed it. You can just make money on the Internet you have no money at all, it will be hard to end up earning well. Soon you will discover the ironic formula of freelance life: The more desperate you are, the less you make Desperation leads to having to accept poorly paid jobs, which means you must work every waking hour.

In a bind?

All the low-paid work really kills your self-esteem. Sound familiar? Often, this only leads to quickly going broke and having to go find another day job.

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Goodbye, dream of independence. It also means finding out how to identify great clients and market your services to them.

And possibly a willingness to find creative ways to make ends meet in the meanwhile. How do you make money writing?

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